Relation Desk

React JS Quality Check And Code Audit For a SaaS Platform.


To make sure the SaaS platform React codebase is sustainable, future proof and ready for further developments of expanding business.



About the client

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By being the first expert in the Social Media conversation!

Relation Desk is a unique tool to easily publish your Social Media content and manage your audience engagement with precise measurements.

It helps you react to the information and easily get in the conversation about the topic you are expert in.

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The product-market fit was there. It was about time to switch another gear.

RelationDesk wanted to get prepared for another stage of scaling up the business after a few years of development.

They had to make sure the code itself won't slow them down, so they can focus on delivering both, product and service on an exceptional level.

By working with the internal development team, they wanted to have a double-check from outside on their React code, to make sure the product is ready to handle the heaviest usage possible, as planned.

No sales talk was involved in this deal.

After a short and straight to the point talk of both sides CTOs (well... they've also discussed some book readings), RelationDesk asked for one of Pagepro's senior developers, experienced in SaaS platforms.

Should we get it done?

Let's talk about you now!

Tell us about your challenge, and let's get the ball rolling.


After a while, they received a 27-page code audit with the current state of the code and list of actionable further suggestions:

  • localised areas of duplicated code that can be refactored and reused
  • how to use different programming patterns in specific areas of code
  • suggestions to make codebase and developers editor more similar
  • recommendations to use some open-source libraries
  • project file structure change suggestions
  • list of nice to have changes
  • list of deprecated items

RelationDesk gained a strong insight and objective point of view on the work they have done internally, which helps them in further development.

What RelationDesk Liked about Pagepro?

  • Great ReactJS Experience

    Quality code and easy to work with.

  • On-time delivery

    Each and every delivery. Always as planned.

  • Technical attitude

    Our first conversation was simply straight to the point with no sales, nor marketing warmups.


Was it worth it?

"Yes, I think it was a smooth project with a good delivery."

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