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  • Mustafa Mohamed

    Put very simply, Pagepro is amazing to work with.

    Mustafa Mohamed. YOKE Network, London
  • Michal Kendereski

    They deliver exactly when they say they will and it’s always pixel-perfect.

    Michal Kendereski. Republik-Media, London
  • Carole Egerton

    Pagepro is great at problem solving, very organised and deliver in a timely fashion.

    Carole Egerton. Baffle & Zander, London
  • Maciej Liczbarski

    They were strong communicators and kept the project highly organized.

    Maciej Liczbarski. Gorilla Agency, Warsaw
  • Patryk Kabaj

    Despite working remotely, it feels like they are somewhere in the office.

    Patryk Kabaj. Packhelp, Warsaw
  • Guillaume Pousseo

    High quality services, big support with good prices and communication skills.

    Guillaume Pousseo. REVSQUARE, NYC
  • John Horrocks

    They are more than a great development team.

    John Horrocks. Rocksurance, NYC
  • Lance Redgrave

    The website was delivered on time and on budget.

    Lance Redgrave. Redfox Media, Sydney
  • Kristof Hamilton

    They are easy to work with, produce quality code and really felt like an extension of our volunteer team.

    Kristof Hamilton. Pride in London,
  • Seb Richards

    Their development team plugged-in and made a great front-end extension to our IT department.

    Seb Richards. Poly Agency, London
  • Nick Cremin

    Pagepro stands out in this arena due to their exceptional professionalism, knowledge, and integrity.

    Nick Cremin. Hound and Badger, London

What is WordPress?

WordPress logo

WordPress is an open source content management system which allows to create and manage websites with ease. Initially released in 2003 as a blogging platform, today it powers nearly 30 percent of entire web and is capable of creating any type of website, from niche blog to full-featured business website of the world biggest brand.

WordPress embodies elegance and ease of use. Maintained by numerous open source contributors from all around the world it gets better everyday. People with a limited tech experience can use it “out of the box”, but the real magic comes with ability to customize the platform in remarkable ways.

Core benefits of using WordPress

  • Free

    It's hard to imagine, but WordPress, the most popular CMS in the world is open-source software. It means that you can use It free of charge, no more monthly or annual license fees. That makes WordPress the most cost-effective web development solution available on the market.

  • Reliable

    WordPress has a stable code base, rich infrastructure and continuous development which make it one of the most solid and safe-to-use pieces of software out there. At the same time WordPress is a continually evolving piece of software. Security improvements and new functionalities are added on regular basis.

  • SEO

    Google loves WordPress. Thanks to simple and clean code, that creates pages optimized for indexing out of the box, websites builtwith WordPress are really SEO friendly. With additional care provided by our developers your website can get to the top ranks of search engines in no time.

  • Easy to Use

    WordPress is considered to be the most user-friendly CMS out there. It is quick and simple to manage, and doesn’t require extensive knowledge of coding for managing the content. Adding new pages, blog posts, images and editing existing content will be a breeze for you and your employees. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling like a pro.

  • Versatile

    WordPress is all about flexibility. We can easily add all manner of powerful functionality to your website, such as ecommerce, multilingual management, CRM integration, web tracking system, social media integration and much, much more. There are limitless ways to customize all of these tools to produce unique solution that perfectly reflects your business needs.

  • Scalability

    With WordPress, the site can grow as the business grows because of the outstanding scalability of this platform. It can serve tens of thousands of logged-in users at a time and deliver hundreds of millions of monthly page views, without compromising its performance. For this reason, WordPress serves as an ideal platform for businesses that foresee extensive growth in the future.

Our WordPress Tech Stack

  • ACF Pro

    Advanced Custom Fields Pro is a WordPress plugin which allows us to take full control of website’s content. We can add extra content fields to your WordPress edit screens. These include repeatable blocks, intuitive galleries, custom settings pages and reusable fields. Such features allow us to build highly customized websites at lighting speed.

  • WPML

    With this tool we will make your business go global. WPML provides advanced features for translation management. Building and maintaining website accessible in multiple languages was never that easy. It’s powerful enough for corporate platforms, yet simple blogs.

  • WooCommerce

    Do you wonder what is the best way to turn your website into fully functional online store? WooCommerce is the best bet. The most popular eCommerce solution let you sell digital and physical products, manage inventory, shipping, take secure payments and sort taxes automatically.

WordPress Related Services

  • WordPress Websites

    Do you want to outsource building your business website from scratch? We are here to help. Pagepro’s experienced WordPress development team is ready to create platform that will meet your expectations. With professional, well-polished platform you will build online presence at the drop of a hat.

  • WordPress Support Retainers

    Here at Pagepro, we know that it takes a lot of work to properly maintain website. Not to mention further development. We can take care of everything necessary and free your mind to focus on things that really matter for your business. Don’t let your online hub catch dust.

  • WordPress code review

    Keeping your codebase clean and simple is the best investment for long time prosperity in the software world. Our experts can closely inspect your WordPress code, point out problem areas and room for improvement. With professional guidance, you will be able to keep your website in top notch shape.

  1. They are the best organized agency I have ever worked with

    Noah Bernet
  2. I’m impressed by their ability to deliver quickly and keep things super simple. Nothing is overcomplicated, the scope is always crystal clear, and there is no drama

    Hannah Scott
    Hannah Scott 
    Product Owner 
  3. Put very simply, Pagepro is amazing to work with. They feel like an extension of my own team. They’re fast and effective and I feel like they deeply understand our product and what we’re building. For a startup this is paramount for us.

    Mustafa Mohamed
    Mustafa Mohamed
    Cto & Co-founder
    Yoke Network
  4. Unlike other dev houses, the devs assigned have only one goal - to contribute to your team, something you can immediately tell. No nasty surprises or side projects. Uniquely serious approach.

    Patryk Kabaj
    Patryk Kabaj
    CPO & Co-founder
  5. The constant quality of their work and their commitment offered us a great confidence.

    David Panart
    David Panart 
    I Will Code It
  6. We work with Pagepro since 2015. They deliver exactly when they say they will and it's always pixel-perfect. They prefer to under-promise and over-deliver

    Michal Kendereski
    Michal Kendereski  
    Republik-Media, London
  7. Incredibly pleasant and wonderful people to work with. They're very professional, putting forward ideas we would've never thought of in the first place.

    Andrew Hawryluk
    Andrew Hawryluk 
    Learn Squared
  8. It was clear that they had a solid understanding of what I needed and how to get there. You'll receive great attention and care on your project that you simply won't get at a larger firm.

    Luke Skarzynski
    Luke Skarzynski 
    Just in Case Estates
  9. Trust them — you can put yourself in their hands.

    Green Custard
  10. Pagepro exhibited strong execution. They understood our technical goals and our desired performance metrics, and they kept their word and worked hard to achieve those metrics.

    Michael Winer
    Mike Winer 
    Project Manager 
  11. Pagepro are proactive, supportive and deliver good quality code – very happy with the products that have been built to date.

    Christian Barnes
    Christian Barnes 
    Digital Project Manager 
    Luminous, London
  12. I never had to micro-manage, nor monitor the progress, as deliverables were always spot-on and high quality.

    Maya Barlev
    Flat World

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