Merchant Mobile App For Redeeming Vouchers


To build a mobile & tablet app that enables on-demand vouchers redeeming.

About The Client

Evouchers specialize in creating secure, flexible voucher systems that enable businesses to support, reward, and motivate people.

View on the Evouchers mobile app
Main screen on the cross-platform mobile app Evouchers
View on the dashboard of the mobile app Evouchers

Evouchers is an initiative of Wonde - a portal for managing school data - and it was initially created as a simple solution for schools and local authorities in the UK to procure, assign and distribute grocery vouchers during school holidays or self-isolation during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic.

They found great potential in flexible digital voucher solutions that support organizations, from corporations to not for profits to Government bodies. And finally, they have worked hard to develop a robust system that is ready to fulfill any voucher requirements.


Wonde team was about to develop a few new ventures and side projects for their core business. One such initiative was Evouchers for which they wanted to find a long-term partnership to support them with the current and future initiatives.

They built all of their desktop apps internally but decided to find a partner who will assist them with mobile projects. One of the main project objectives was to build a mobile app both for iOS and Android, based on designs they made. They were additionally very keen to use React Native, as they've already used it in another project and wanted to keep the same stack everywhere.

Key Features

  • Login Screen of Evouchers, mobile app built with React Native
  • Main Features on Evouchers - mobile app for redeeming vouchers
  • View on the Transaction for logged users in Evouchers mobile app
  • Vouchers scanner in Evouchers React Native mobile app

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As Wonde Team wanted to build cross-mobile app and had some good experience with React Native, we decided to go this way. One of the most important factors helping in the entire planning and development process was the fact that we spoke directly with the CTO and the decision-maker right from the beginning, so we could proceed much faster with decisions. We have divided the project execution into 4 sprints.

Project Details


Mobile App for both iOS and Android to support a new business line


Mobile Development in 4 sprints


Project Manager
UI Developer
Mobile Developer
Manual Tester

Delivery Time

8 weeks

Technologies Used During This Project

  • React Native & Expo

  • TypeScript

  • Expo

  • Storybook

  • GraphQL

  • Figma


  • SPRINT 1

  • SPRINT 2

  • SPRINT 3

  • SPRINT 4

  • SPRINT 1

    SPRINT 1

    We have started from building a backlog and setting up the boilerplate. We have also started building a UI Component Library in Storybook, investigated the API, and run some tests for infrastructure configuration.

    • Preparing a project backlog, refinement & planning sessions

    • Setting up the project boilerplate with React Native, Expo, TypeScript

    • Creating UI components for main screens - Phase 1

    • Infrastructure Configuration - Testflight, Builds, etc.

    • API Investigation

    • Sprint Release + Demo

  • SPRINT 2

    SPRINT 2

    In this sprint, we have finished creating the UI components and started working on screens implementation as well as the first features.

    • Creating UI components for main screens - Phase 2

    • Splash Screen Implementation

    • Login Screen Implementation

    • Magic Link Screen Implementation

    • Deep linking Feature

    • Home Screen Implementation

    • Transactions Screen Implementation

    • Search Transactions Feature

    • Transaction Details Screen Implementation

    • Sprint Release + Demo

  • SPRINT 3

    SPRINT 3

    In this sprint, we continued screens implementation and built the last features. We have also checked for differences between iOS and Android versions and worked on different device support to assure cross-platform, and cross-browser compatibility.

    • Scan Voucher Screen Implementation

    • Scanning Barcode Feature

    • Handling device permissions for camera

    • Redeem Voucher Screen Implementation

    • Success Screen Implementation

    • Check & fix differences between iOS/Android

    • Tablet version support

    • Sprint Release + Demo

  • SPRINT 4

    SPRINT 4

    In the last sprint, we have implemented the last screens, run the final Q&A adjustments, and finally published the app! Fun fact: We had no remarks from Apple on the first try!


  • the form
  • the form
  • the form
  • the form
  • the form
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  • the form
  • the form

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