What is Headless CMS?

If you’ve entered the world of web development a while ago, it’s more than likely that you heard of or used a content management system before (CMS for short). Perhaps, it was a traditional CMS like WordPress or Drupal, but recent years indicate the growing popularity of headless CMSes and it’s worth wrapping your head […]

How To Build A Mobile App – Part 3 – Development And Release

This is part 3 of How To Build a Mobile App series. If you read and followed Part 1 and Part 2, you are pretty ready for the stage of development. There are a few ways on how you can approach it, and all of them are highly dependent on your goals, and resources. Budget […]

Generics in Typescript – How To Type Reusable Parts of Code?

If you follow the DRY rule in writing your code in Typescript, the Generic Types are for you! Thanks to Generic Types you can easily create reusable functions, interfaces or classes instead of writing single types for each one. Generics allow you to use different types of providing parameters to one reusable part of code. […]

React Native FAQ – What You Need To Know Before Choosing

What is React Native? React Native is an open-source mobile app platform created in JavaScript by Facebook, and it’s taking the mobile app development market by the storm. It has a number of great advantages that are saving you many development costs and makes your app truly outstanding. However, like any other platform, it has […]

Pros And Cons of Using Gatsby in WordPress Projects

Gatsby became a really hot topic this year. Thanks to many business advantages, more and more companies are adapting Gatsby as a part of their tech stack, which makes React/Gatsby developers in high demand as well. As WordPress is one of the most popular CMS and website creator, the popularity of Gatsby raised a question […]

What Is Strapi And How To Build Your First API?

Introduction We can read in an official Strapi website– “The open-source Headless CMS Front-End Developers love”. I wanted to experience this firsthand, so I had to get into Strapi world. In this article, I will share my insights about headless cms’, describe Strapi in detail, and few ways to connect it to any view layer. […]

React TL;DR #8 – Most Useful React Content From February 2020

Milestone 4 Updates React Native for Windows is on version 0.61 You no longer need to specify a vnext template in the setup CLI steps Expanded documentation Investment in React Native for Mac 🍾 Improved performance SVG Image support More milestones in upcoming months When Does It Make Sense To Use React Native? Advantages of […]

Cross-Platform Apps vs Native Apps

Native apps are the ones built for a specific operating system, like Android, iOS, or Windows. Cross-platform apps are the ones built-in web languages (like JavaScript) that can be later pulled (f.e. through React Native) as native apps able to work on any operating system and device. Web can do more each and every day, […]

How To Build A Mobile App – Part 2 – UX and UI.

Here is the moment to make the first investment. If you read already Part 1 – Before You Even Pay For Anything, you should know: How to validate your app idea. Who is going to use your app and what will be the benefits of using it. How you’re going to win with your competition. […]

When Does It Make Sense To Use React Native?

I wrote this article to answer one of the most frequently asked questions on meetings: “What makes React Native the best option for my app?” I’ve decided to take a while and make research, together with our developers, to find out when React Native is an actual good technology choice. React Native is an open-source […]