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Should You Be Afraid To Eject From Expo Managed Workflow?

Expo is a fantastic tool to develop React Native apps.

There are two ways you can use Expo – managed and bare workflow. The Expo team recommends using the first option at the beginning of the road.

In effect, many developers seem to be afraid of taking this step. Should you?

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VS CODE Snippets – How To Code Faster and Easier?

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React vs Angular – A Quick Comparison (2021 Update)

The possibilities are limitless, and so is the number of choices we need to make every day. And making the right choice is challenging – especially in the IT industry. In Pagepro, we want to help you make informed decisions every single time. And it’s one of the reasons our blog exists.

Today’s dilemma is choosing React vs Angular to build a web application. Let’s go through it, step-by-step.

Migration to JAMstack: The Questionnaire

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