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Norbert Kamienski
React / React Native Developer. Performing lectures and trainings for the local community.

How To Eject From Expo Managed Workflow to Bare?

Expo is a fantastic tool to develop React Native apps.

There are two ways you can use Expo – managed and bare workflow. The Expo team recommends using the first option at the beginning of the road.

In effect, many developers seem to be afraid of taking this step. Should you?

How To Write A Better React Code – 9 Tricks

If you want to write a better React code, you should always remember what Ernest Hemingway said: “The first draft of anything is shit” And even if this guy had nothing to do with React development, or even Commodore, he knew exactly that the first creative act, is almost always, not “well-thought-out” and hard to […]

Building App With React, TypeScript, and Parcel

Learn how to use Parcel – a JavaScript bundler to help you build a React app without any configuration.

What Is Strapi And How To Build Your First API?

Introduction We can read in an official Strapi website– “The open-source Headless CMS Front-End Developers love”. I wanted to experience this firsthand, so I had to get into Strapi world. In this article, I will share my insights about headless cms’, describe Strapi in detail, and few ways to connect it to any view layer. […]

How To Upgrade React Native to Version 0.61?

If you have a project in the version older than React Native 0.61, you should probably start thinking about an upgrade to the latest one. However, this is not an easy task. I’ve spent quite a few days with ups and downs, trying many methods, but success seems far away. Luckily, I got there, and […]

Server-Side Rendering (SSR) vs Client-Side Rendering (CSR)

The difference between server side and client side rendering has a lot to do with google ranks, and we all love high Google ranks. But Google, on the other hand, loves short rendering time a lot, which gives fewer chances for heavy apps to position themselves well. Simply put – the more complex your React […]

React Tutorial #2 – React Application Structure

React application structure The create-react-app command generates simple application that have a structure like this: Node_modules folder contains a few modules that are necessary for application to work correctly. When we add something with npm command, we can find it in this folder. Public folder includes favicon and html file where our app is attached […]

React Development Tutorial #1 – Introduction

This is the first part of tutorial for people who want to start their adventure with React.The requirements to setup a first react application are nodejs/npm and terminal. Let’s do this! After the installation of the requirements, you’ll be ready to create your first application. There are many boilerplates and libraries to get started with […]

Best Books for Junior Developers to Boost Their Career

Young developers start their adventure with programming, ask a lot of questions on the internet about the best programming books. The most common answers are books describing the syntax and rules of the language. Developers forget about the rest of skills that I think should know every dev. These are the correct approach to work, […]

GIT Exercises: Level Basic — Pagepro Blog

1. To initialize a Git repository here, type command. 2. OK, let’s type git status to see what the current state of our project. 3. Create file and called it example1.txt in the your folder. Run git status again and see how the repository status has changed. 4. How Git says example1.txt is “untracked”? That […]