More and more often, before we start a mobile project, our potential clients are asking for some examples of React Native apps they could relate to their businesses.

In fact, everybody knows the popular apps, but not much else.

Can you send me some React Native project example that could be a good benchmark for my business?

So, as an answer, instead of looking for some good React Native sample projects over and over again, we wrote this article, to immediately access the best of them!

Since its release in 2015, React Native is rapidly emerging. So do its popularity and community. Because of many features and the possibility to build apps for many mobile platforms simultaneously, React Native app development companies became the first choice of many developers, startups, and business owners.

So, whether you are looking for inspiration and examples, or just want to make sure that React Native is the right choice, and you search for some business benchmark, here’s a list of more than 50 apps built in React Native. 

27 different industries

If you are searching for a React Native project from your industry, you will find such industries as:

RetailSocial MediaSport
TransportationTravelVirtual Reality
ProductivityMagazines & NewspapersBooks
LifestyleMusicSocial Networking
Developer ToolsWeatherUtilities
Photo & VideoNavigationGraphics & Design

We prepared a list of over 113 React Native apps you can download (including rating on the iOS App Store and Category Ranking).

  • UberEats
  • Facebook & Messenger
  • Microsoft Office
  • Amazon Shopping
  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • Coinbase
  • Tesla
  • WordPress
  • Discord

While looking for apps built with React Native, we tried to collect examples of both well-known apps like Facebook and less popular ones created by startups or innovation departments in corporations.

Examples of Using React Native in Corporate Venture Building

UberEats and React Native

The Standard Uber application involves two parties – drivers and passengers – but UberEats involves three – restaurants, delivery drivers and customers. Such a model created a need for an extra dashboard dedicated to restaurants.

Uber created the original dashboard with the web in mind, and it caused limited access to native functionalities like sound notifications. Consequently, it made the user experience weaker.

The Uber dev team decided to rebuild the entire dashboard using React Native. Although it’s just a tiny piece of the entire code of the UberEats app, developers are optimistic that React Native may help them in the future to implement new features as the marketplace grows.

Read more about how UberEats is using React Native.

React Native apps: UberEats app screenshots

Walmart and React Native

Walmart is the best example of an app that migrates to React Native in order to reach its ambitious goals.

They want to become number one in the online retail industry. It’s a big goal, and big goals require big moves associated with high risk.

Gaining a competitive advantage (necessary to reach such goals) requires testing and using new technologies. It also has a positive impact on user experience. Firstly, Walmart added Node.js to their technology stack. Later, they decided to use React Native to rewrite the mobile application.

Walmart succeeded in boosting Android and iOS apps’ performance, which took fewer resources and less time. These platforms shared 95% of the codebase, while the entire rewriting process resulted in an outstanding performance and smooth animations, similar to native.

Read more about how Walmart is using React Native.

React Native apps: Walmart app screenshots

Shopify and React Native

After years of building apps natively, Shopify decided to start building new mobile apps with React Native.

There are three main reasons behind their decision:

  • They learned how much React Native has developed after the acquisition of a mobile-first company called Tictail which is focused solely on React Native
  • Shopify was using React daily, and that knowledge became transferable to mobile 
  • They can invest in React Native long-term, and they saw how performance has been going up

Shopify started to experiment with React Native with three separate teams over three applications: Arrive, Compass, and Point of Sale.

They learned that:

  • Dev team responsible for rewriting the Arrive app in React Native felt that they were twice as productive as native development – even though they were working on one mobile platform at that time.
  • Testing Point of Sale application on low-power Android hardware configurations allowed them to use a lower CPU threshold (1.5GHz in comparison to 2GHz)
  • The percentage of code shared between Android and iOS was higher than expected – they estimated 80% while the results were 95% (Arrive) and 99% (Compass)

However, even though they decided to build all new applications with React Native, that doesn’t mean they will also be rewriting all of the old apps in React Native.

Read more about how Shopify is using React Native.

React Native apps: Shopify Point of Sale app screenshots

Veygo by Admiral Group and React Native

Veygo is a temporary car insurance company that enables you to easily activate car insurance in minutes. You can get it instantly, no matter if you need it for a few hours, a day, or a week. However, you like it, from 1 hour to 30 days.

When the Veygo team started the project, they wanted to quickly evaluate the business idea and built an MVP in just 6 weeks. Thanks to React Native it was possible and after a few weeks of work, Veygo was ready to test the assumptions.

Read the whole Case Study.

Facebook and React Native

Obviously, Facebook is a no-brainer sample React Native app.

In fact, React Native is a result of a hackathon organised by Facebook to respond to the company’s needs. Facebook wanted to use all the benefits of web development (like fast iterations or the possibility to build the full product within one team) in mobile development. Consequently, they created leverage in mobile development for both Android and iOS platforms.

A team of Facebook developers wanted to test React Native apps performance, so they migrated the Events Dashboard in their iOS app to React Native. They wanted to try such things as startup time, which is essential in this kind of application. If the application needs a lot of time to start, it may discourage users from using it.

React Native apps: Facebook app screenshots

Facebook Ads Manager and React Native

Facebook didn’t stop after using React Native in its primary application. Another one of the best examples is in fact the first cross-platform app based solely on React Native – Facebook Ads Manager.

It was a complex task because of the business logic required to handle ad formats, time zones, date formats, currencies, and many more different things for different users. However, React Native seemed like an ideal fit, mainly because the lion’s share of code was written in JavaScript.

While the Facebook dev team was working on Facebook Ads Manager, they created many components, useful for other developers, too.

React Native apps: Facebook Ads Manager app screenshots

Instagram and React Native

Another popular example of React Native App is Instagram.

What’s more challenging than building an entire app from scratch is integrating new technology into an existing app, but that’s what Instagram tried to do. They started from the simplest view that you can imagine, which is the Push Notifications view. Initially, it was implemented as the WebView as there wasn’t a need to build a navigation infrastructure.

React Native allowed Instagram developers to ship features to both Android and iOS apps much faster.

They also improved developer velocity, and the percentage of code shared between the apps for some of the products shows just that:

  • Post Promote: 99%
  • SMS Captcha Checkpoint: 97%
  • Comment Moderation: 85%
  • Lead Gen Ads: 87%
  • Push Notification Settings: 92%

Read more about how Instagram is using React Native.

React Native apps: Instagram app screenshots

Pinterest and React Native

Pinterest considered React Native to implement it into their tech stack, and they decided to do so based on the benefits they found. The biggest one was the increase in developer velocity. As React Native makes it possible to share code between platforms, it means less time spent on standups and meetings and fewer inconsistencies between mobile platforms.

However, Pinterest uses React Native as an additional tool in their engineering toolbox – next to native code capabilities on Android and iOS. They never wanted to rewrite the entire code to React Native. 

Pinterest used React Native to build the Topic Picker view and Business Signup flow.

React Native apps: Pinterest app screenshots

Coinbase Pro and React Native

In 2019, Coinbase decided to rewrite its core mobile sign-up using React Native because of a few reasons:

  • As Coinbase supports more than 100 countries, its sign-up experience has to be dynamic – lt should adapt to the user’s location and profile. Staying with the existing code and making changes would be more expensive than rewriting the entire application.
  • Rewriting the entire application natively would require a lot of code duplication, while React Native allows targeting multiple platforms simultaneously. It allows for reusing the business logic instead of duplicating it and maintaining consistency between apps for different platforms.
  • Coinbase wanted to implement a new sign-up experience for Coinbase native application and Coinbase Pro that they wrote entirely in React Native. Without using the RN to do so, it would be much more costly.

Coinbase evaluated using React Native positively, mainly because of component reusability, Fast Refresh and easiness of onboarding web developers.

Read more about how Coinbase is using React Native.

React Native apps: Coinbase Pro app screenshots

Discord and React Native

Discord adopted React Native as soon as it was released to build its iOS app on top of its React app. Years passed, and they are still happy that they made their decision. Their app is:

  • being used by millions of active users,
  • practically crash-free,
  • rated at 4.8 stars in the App Store.

They have achieved all of that with only three core iOS engineers on board.

However, at the beginning of 2019, they noticed that the performance degraded – the app could not maintain 60 FPS in regular usage – and it was unclear why. 

Discord created a mobile performance squad to boost app performance across all supported iOS devices to fix this.

As they wrote in the blog post, the results were:

  • A fairly consistent 60 FPS across supported devices and a very noticeable reduction in battery consumption.
  • A much better development experience since even the app under development mode runs much better than the production app before these changes.
  • An average of two seconds shaved off the initial load time. Discord achieved it through our efforts to enable RAM bundles and optimise code paths to leverage it.

It’s worth noting that they completed the entire process within a span of a few weeks.

About working with React Native and building apps with it, they said that there are some challenges. However, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, so they are ready to use it in the future, too.

React Native apps: Discord app screenshots

Bloomberg and React Native

Bloomberg used React Native to build the Customer App for Android and iOS in 2016. It offers a streamlined, interactive experience with easy-to-access personalised content, videos and live feeds featured across Bloomberg Media. 

Like all of their products, it was designed to meet users’ needs and seamlessly integrate with their routines. The content seen by users can be easily personalised depending on their location and by field of specialisation – Opinion, Politics, Pursuits, Markets, and Technology, to name a few. Users can also access on-demand live TV or event feeds.

React Native enables the Bloomberg team to update the app continuously with market-moving analysis, data, and news – all of that is accessible through personalised widgets.

Read more about how Bloomberg is using React Native.

React Native apps: Bloomberg app screenshots

React Native Apps Examples

Facebook Analytics

React Native apps: Facebook Analytics app screenshots

It’s not surprising that after Facebook and Facebook Ads Manager, Facebook Analytics has also been built with React Native. This app helps users with a number of different reports and metrics presented in a detailed overview.

React Native made it possible for users to create tailor-made mobile views of basic matrics, revenue generation, number of active users, etc.

Link to the website

Want to build an app in React Native?

YOKE Network

React Native apps: YOKE Network app screenshots

YOKE Network is an influencer marketing agency that had an idea for an application that should accomplish to goals at once:

  • Help users reach the right influencer with the right audience to promote products across social media channels
  • Help influencers with finding great products that they could promote and get paid for that

Read the case study

Novus World

React Native apps: Novus World Banking app screenshots

Novus World is an intuitive and user-friendly digital banking app. It aims to provide an outstanding user experience, using intelligent finance management tools. The end goal is to help users with budgeting, saving and controlling their finances.

Read Novus Bank Case Study

Tableau Mobile

React Native apps: Tableau Mobile App app screenshots

Tableau Mobile is an application accompanied by Tableau Online and Tableau Server. It allows you to view your company’s visualisations, dashboards, and different metrics using a phone or tablet.

In 2017, the dev team at Tableau Mobile decided to use React Native to rewrite their mobile application. Two years later, they released it on both Android and iOS. As they said, it was a great decision which allowed them to ship more features, more often and with better quality.


React Native apps: NerdWallet app screenshots

NerdWallet is an application for personal finance management that gives its users an overview of their financial life, insights based on their specific situation, and detailed instructions on how to improve their finances.

The NerdWallet app is built on top of React Native, TypeScript, and GraphQL. Out of these three, it’s React Native that was crucial in achieving blazing time-to-market, high development efficiency, and empowering technology and talent within NerdWallet Engineering.


React Native apps: FlipKart app screenshots

Flipkart is the largest eCommerce player in India (let’s say Amazon dedicated to India), and has over 100 million app downloads and 400 million visits every week. They started their journey with React Native five years ago, in 2016.

Few words about their tech stack

  • It consists of Native, React Native and React-Native-Web
  • Most components are developed with React Native, while the home page is native
  • Navigation in FlipKart apps is native because it supports easier switching between native, react-native and web view

They decided to use React Native because of:

  • Possibility to develop apps for all mobile platforms without impacting performance
  • Unrestricted usage of custom native components if needed
  • Ability to ship JavaScript code using Over The Air (OTA) updates


React Native apps: Mercari app screenshots

Mercari became the largest marketplace application in Japan, however, they want more – it’s also available in the US. It allows anyone with a mobile device like a smartphone to sell items they no longer need instead of just throwing them out.


React Native apps: Tesla app screenshots

Another diamond from all the examples of React Native apps.

Tesla used React Native to build its Tesla app, which allows drivers to control their cars remotely. For example, they can start and stop the charging of the car.

Other features:

  • Checking charging time
  • Checking car heating/cooling
  • Locking/unlocking
  • Diagnosing

The dark-them user interface of the Tesla app makes it look like some kind of video game. It’s available both on Android and iOS.


React Native apps: Wix app screenshots

Wix is an online tool to create free websites with no coding knowledge. They used React Native to build a Wix Mobile App to help you run and manage your business and day-to-day activities.

Wix App allows you to invite website visitors to become members through their mobile app. It’s a great way to build a community of engaged users. For them, it’s helpful because they can – for example – browse through your products and services, book an appointment or comment.


React Native apps: Salesforce app screenshots

One of the best examples of truly complex React Native apps.

Salesforce is a company that provides CRM software along with applications focused on customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development. React Native makes it possible to build Salesforce-powered mobiles apps based on Mobile SDKs.

Link to the website

Words with Friends

React Native apps: Words with Friends app screenshots

Words with Friends is a multiplayer word board game owned by Zynga. Players take turns building words crossword-puzzle style, which is similar to Scrabble, a classic board game. The rules of these two are similar, but Words with Friends is not associated with the Scrabble brand in any way.

Words with Friends decided to choose React Native because:

  • Integrating RN into existing apps is well documented and supported
  • Iteration tools such as live reloading boost the development a lot
  • The technology is emerging and has strong community support

Learn more about how Words with Friends is using React Native.

Call of Duty Companion App

React Native apps: Call of Duty app screenshots

The Companion App helps Call of Duty players track their every shot across multiple titles, identify their most effective weapons, and even compare their stats to their friends’ stats.

These include:

  • EKIA and W/L ratios over time
  • Shots fired and accuracy %
  • Total time played
  • And more

The Companion App is written using React Native, JavaScript, Redux and React Navigation.


React Native apps: Foreca app screenshots

Foreca provides digital weather services for developers and consumers through applications, data interfaces and websites. To do so, they collect worldwide weather data, which allows them to make their own global weather forecasts.

Before using React Native, Foreca created their Android and iOS apps separately, so they had separate code. Because of that, both applications provided a little bit different functionality and customer experience.

As Foreca wanted to create a customer experience that would be practically the same for Android and iOS users and have a possibility to implement different changes more effectively, they decided to go with React Native.

Learn more about how Foreca is using React Native.


React Native apps: LendMN app screenshots

LendMN is the mobile application created by a fintech company called AND Global, which provides small loans quickly and conveniently for those who can’t receive such financial services from traditional institutions. 

This app has over 100 thousand active customers in Mongolia and is one of the most popular applications there.

The usage of React Native to build this application allowed LendMN to utilise their web developers for application development and update it on the fly.

Learn more about how LendMN is using React Native.


React Native apps: Artsy app screenshots

As the Artsy app description on the App Store states, “Artsy is the largest online art marketplace with more than 1 million artworks by over 100,000 artists”. This iOS app allows users to collect art from galleries worldwide, bid in live auctions from anywhere, and sell works from their private collections.

Read more about how Artsy is using React Native.


React Native apps: QQ app screenshots

QQ is an instant messaging and social platform available as both React Native-based desktop and mobile apps. It offers many features such as online chat, video and voice calls, file transfers, and e-mail. Tencent, the company behind QQ, continually implements new features to respond to young users’ needs. Examples of such features include KuoLie (it helps with expanding networks) and KanDian (it matches content with users).

Link to the website

Baidu Mobile

React Native apps: Baidu Mobile app screenshots

Baidu Mobile is a widely popular search engine in China, with more than 600 million users.

Link to the website

React Native apps: app screenshots is a mobile application that allows customers to make orders from local restaurants and stores for on-demand delivery. Their dev team decided to implement React Native into the existing iOS app, starting with releasing three views into production.

Learn more about how is using React Native.


React Native apps: Gyroscope app screenshots

Gyroscope created a Health Tracking app which helps its users to track everything about their life. It syncs HealthKit data to Gyroscope and provides users with a dashboard. The app’s goal was to help people achieve goals like losing weight or being more productive by using their data.

Learn more about how Gyroscope is using React Native.


React Native apps: Huiseoul app screenshots

Huiseoul is a conversational e-commerce app that focuses on providing Korean beauty products exclusively to China.

Learn more about how Huiseoul is using React Native.


React Native apps: JD app screenshots is a Chinese company that’s:

  • China’s largest online retailer
  • China’s biggest overall retailer
  • Biggest Internet company by revenue in China
  • A member of Fortune Global 500

People can download apps both on Android and iOS.


React Native apps: Vogue app screenshots

The Vogue app created with React Native delivers its users the latest news in fashion, beauty, runway and celebrity style, homes, weddings, food, travel, and entertainment.


React Native apps: Grasshopper app screenshots

Grasshopper is a mobile application created with React Native for those who want to learn how to code. The difficulty levels vary, and users can learn in a fun way using their mobile devices.


React Native apps: Unacademy app screenshots

Another very famous example of apps made in React Native.

Unacademy is the largest online learning platform in India, however, it’s available in multiple languages. It was created with React Native to deliver courses on every possible topic created by the top educators in the country. It has more than 8 million views every single month.


React Native apps: WalkSafe app screenshots

The WalkSafe application takes care of your safety – it provides a map that visualises crime reports published by the police. Thanks to that, users can see places that are probably dangerous and identify regular trouble spots. The WalkSafe app also alerts its users if they are walking towards areas where crimes like knife attacks, sexual assaults or mugging have been reported.


React Native apps: Shine app screenshots

Shine is the application that helps you build a self-care ritual that will eventually turn into a healthy habit. You can:

  • Meditate with the help of Daily Shine
  • Connect with other members of an active community
  • Reflect on your mood and get recommendations about content to read


React Native apps: Bitesnap app screenshots

Bitesnap is a mobile application built with React Native that helps you build healthy eating habits. It can count calories and nutrients after taking a picture of what you are about to eat because the app can recognise the foods in it. 


React Native apps: Bunch app screenshots

Bunch is a social app that allows you to play video games with your friends over video chat.


React Native apps: Cake app screenshots

Cake is a simple language learning app that will help you learn English for free. It’s available both on Android and iOS.


React Native apps: Crisp app screenshots

Crisp is the application-based supermarket dedicated to the inhabitants of the Netherlands, which allows them to order quality food straight from the source for delivery.


React Native apps: F8 app screenshots

Every year, Facebook builds Android and iOS apps as a part of its F8 (Facebook Developer) Conference, so all attendees can easily check the schedule and find out more about the speakers and their talks. Applications also remind attendees about upcoming talks and provide announcements when needed.


React Native apps: Emma app screenshots

Emma is an application that helps you avoid overdrafting, finds wasteful subscriptions, and gives you total control over your finances. It’s available both on Android and iOS.


React Native apps: GALF app screenshots

GALF® is a fast-growing wellness aggregator company. They created React Native-based mobile application called myGALF with a set of features:

  • GALF Shop
  • Run Tracker
  • Health and Fitness Event Registrations
  • Services and Panelist Connect

To track steps during a user’s run or walk, myGALF uses the Pedometer data from Apple HealthKit.


React Native apps: Helpr app screenshots

Helpr provides the highest quality in-house care at an affordable price. They provide different care services via highly-qualified Care Partners.

The application allows users to:

  • Keep a record of their Care Partner’s hours.
  • Contact Helpr or their Care Partner quickly and easily.
  • Find Care Partners in their area right away.
  • Get notification when their Care Partner arrives.


React Native apps: Knowt app screenshots

Knowt is an application that automatically turns notes into review quizzes, flashcards, and assignments. It was created by students and for students with React Native. If you want, you can import handwritten notes instead of rewriting them in the application.


React Native apps: Maphi app screenshots

Maphi is an application that helps its users learn math in a fun way – you can solve math problems with simple touch gestures. Additionally, Maphi offers apps built with React Native that are available not only on mobile but also on desktop and web.


React Native apps: Myntra app screenshots

Myntra is an online fashion store app, one of the biggest and most popular ones in India. Its users can choose from popular brands like Vero Moda, Nike or H&M, and their order will be delivered safely to their home. Myntra app offers priority delivery, early sales, lucrative deals, as well as other perks.

Microsoft Office 365

React Native apps: Microsoft Edge app screenshots

According to AppFigures, most of the Office applications have been rewritten using React Native.

Among them are:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • PowerPoint


React Native apps: Oval app screenshots

Oval is the system – rather than just an application – which helps you manage finances and get the most out of your money.

You can:

  • Track expenses
  • Save regularly
  • Invest money
  • Pay smart

Inside you will find:

  • Save – a place for your savings goals
  • Invest – a place where you can manage your investments
  • Pay – a place that is the centre of app availability


React Native apps: Saffron app screenshots

Saffron is an application inside which you can save all of your favourite recipes. After that, you can create meal plans and generate grocery lists. As a cook, you don’t need anything else.

School Assistant

React Native apps: School Assistant app screenshots

School Assistant is a free application for students to track their assignments, manage their schedule, check Google Classroom, and more.

App features include:

  • Dashboard
  • Assignments and Tests
  • Schedule
  • Resources
  • Widgets
  • Google Classroom
  • Document Scanner
  • Online Learning


React Native apps: Spendee app screenshots

Spendee is a personal finance management application (more than 3 million downloads) that helps its users with:

  • Tracking cash flow – user need to connect bank accounts and e-wallets
  • Understand their finance habits – app analyses where the money goes and where they come from
  • Making their spending stress-free – spending limits and smart budgets don’t allow for overspending


React Native apps: Stillwhite app screenshots

Stillwhite is the largest online wedding dress marketplace globally, thanks to which you can find your dream wedding dress and save up to 90%.

Link to the website


React Native apps: StreetCred app screenshots

StreetCred is a mobile game where its users compete against each other to map a city. The winner is a player that marked the biggest number of places.

Link to the website

Lifestyle React Native Apps Examples

Feeld: Meet Couples & Singles

Feeld is a completely unique relationship app designed for open-minded individuals, singles, and couples seeking exploration in relationships. It offers a secure and private platform for connecting with like-minded humans worldwide, regardless of relationship popularity. Users can join Feeld solo, with an accomplice, or with a curious friend to discover virtual or real-international connections in a diverse community open to all genders and sexual identities. Users can pick from a wide variety of gender identities and sexualities to customise their Feeld enjoy.

frfr: AI voice messages

Frfr is an revolutionary app designed for nameless AI voice messaging on Instagram testimonies. Users can share their specific frfr hyperlinks on their Instagram testimonies, inviting buddies to ship customized anonymous voice messages with advanced superstar filters. The app utilizes modern AI generation to mild content material, making sure a safe and engaging surroundings free from harmful language or bullying. With its consumer-pleasant interface and excessive scores, frfr gives a unique and entertaining way to connect with pals via AI-powered voice messages on Instagram tales.

Want to build an app in React Native?

SumOne: For Relationships

SumOne is an app designed for couples to deepen their connection and know-how of every different. It offers each day questions that spark partners to proportion insights, emotions, and studies, fostering verbal exchange and strengthening their bond. Users can also nurture EggMon, a digital companion curious about love, with the aid of answering questions and adorning its room with accrued pebbles. The app features extra features which include sending lovable notes, exploring EggMon’s past through its diary, monitoring anniversaries, and expressing emotions thru an emotion tracker.

Style DNA: AI Color Analysis

The AI private stylist and outfit author app analyzes users’ particular features and complexions to offer customized guidelines for hues, cuts, fabric, and prints that flatter their bodies. Users can create a style profile with an easy selfie, explore a personal catalogue for clothes shopping, and acquire 5 daily outfit tips tailored to their style and price range. The app also capabilities a virtual closet organizer for combining present clothes into new outfits, getting admission to to styling pointers, and information about shade sorts.

Updater: Essential Moving App

Updater partners with actual property companies, sellers, and shifting corporations to streamline the transferring system for users. It gives up-to-cease support to store money and time in the course of the transition to a new domestic. Users can without problems ahead of their mail, update their deals with essential household money owed, and compare and buy TV and internet offerings. Updater aims to simplify the transferring experience so users can be conscious on settling into their new domestic and making reminiscences.

Travel Apps built with React Native

Rover—Dog Sitters & Walkers

Rover is the leading pet sitting and canine walking app, designed specifically for dog proprietors with the aid of The Dog PeopleTM. With over two hundred,000 trusted puppy sitters and canine walkers across the U.S. And Canada, Rover affords peace of mind and convenience for pet owners searching for dependable care for their furry buddies. The app gives a number of features, consisting of adorable image updates, GPS monitoring of your dog’s stroll, and seamless conversation with sitters or commercial enterprise control.

Rover has been featured in distinguished courses including The New York Times, The Today Show, and The Wall Street Journal, underscoring its recognition as a trusted platform for pet care.

MTA TrainTime

The TrainTime app gives a comprehensive answer for Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad clients, streamlining the ticketing and tour planning manner. Users can effortlessly buy tickets using Apple Pay or a credit/debit card, with the choice to break up charges among playing cards if wanted.

The app allows riders to plan their journeys in advance, presenting departure instances, switch details, and the capability to look for a couple of beginning and destination stations simultaneously. Favourite trains may be saved for short get entry, and journeys may be shared with circle of relatives and pals for coordination. Real-time GPS monitoring permits users to screen their ride development, with updates each few seconds.

Harvest Hosts – RV Camping

Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome memberships provide RVers get entry to to unique tenting spots at over 8000 wineries, farms, breweries, golfing courses, and personal properties with out camping fees.

With Harvest Hosts, participants can revel in wine tastings, farm tours, and museum visits earlier than spending the night in their RV. Boondockers Welcome affords opportunities to make new friends, percentage stories, and rest effortlessly even saving cash on campgrounds.

Bounce: Luggage Storage Nearby

Bounce is a worldwide bags garage app supplying tourists with a handy way to store their bags whilst exploring cities worldwide. With over 10,000 garage places in 2,000 cities, together with famous locations like NYC, London, and Paris, Bounce ensures vacationers can lighten their load and experience their adventures problem-unfastened.

Key capabilities encompass 24/7 get right of entry to at select places, steady storage, easy cancellations, and responsive customer service. Bounce caters to various vacationers, consisting of those in transit, attending activities, commuting, or simply exploring towns without the weight of carrying luggage.


CityPASS offers discounted admission to pinnacle attractions and activities in diverse destinations, supporting travellers to save up to 50%. The My CityPASS ride planner app assists users in organizing their itinerary, gaining access to tickets, and making or enhancing reservations.

Users also can view enchantment hours, access instructions, and highlights, and obtain recommendations and guidelines for travelling. The app integrates with Apple Maps for navigation and gives exclusive offers for CityPASS ticket holders. Simply present tickets or reservation confirmations to your telephone for entry.

React Native App Examples – Category Health & Selfcare

Sleep Tracker – Rise

RISE is a comprehensive sleep tracker and energy display designed to assist customers in improving their sleep first-rate and ordinary properly-being. With features advocated via the Sleep Foundation and trusted by way of pinnacle sports activities teams and companies, RISE offers customized insights based totally on sleep facts, circadian rhythm, and ultra-modern research.

It calculates sleep debt, guides customers in the direction of more healthy habits, and enables them to understand the effect of sleep on strength stages. Additionally, RISE automatically tracks sleep through integration with numerous health apps and gadgets, providing treasured statistics to optimize sleep styles.

Voidpet Garden – Mental Health

Voidpet Garden is a completely unique digital pet-collecting simulation and intellectual fitness game focused on exploring and naming feelings. In this therapy-inspired enjoy, players nurture their inner oasis via mindfulness and self-care whilst befriending uncommon creatures of their own lawn of focus. Each puppy has its personal love language, encouraging interactions which include high-quality time, phrases of affirmation, present-giving, and cuddles.

The app offers daily mindfulness physical activities and journaling activates, consisting of fantastic reframing, gratitude practice, goal placing, emotional naming, self-care meditation, and temper tracking. With Voidpet Garden, users embark on a fulfilling adventure of self-discovery, anxiety remedy, and emotional growth.

Kompanion Intermittent Fasting

Fasting Kompanion is an app designed to help users in their intermittent fasting (IF) journey. It functions as a timer for easy tracking of fasting intervals and gives personalized fasting plans tailor-made to man or woman desires. Users can learn about the physiological changes during fasting and reflect on their reports with the journaling function. The app also includes gaining knowledge of middle with clinical information on IF and motivational gear to keep users engaged.

Shmoody: Mood & Habit Tracker

Shmoody serves as a comprehensive intellectual fitness and self-care toolkit designed to help customers throughout difficult times and foster fine behaviour through the years. It offers actionable tools to manipulate melancholy, tension, and overall temper.

Key features include a temper tracker for insights into mood patterns, instant mood-boosting movements, network peer support, and challenges for private growth. The app is evolved by people who’ve skilled depression, anxiety, and dependency firsthand, and features efficiently applied realistic gear to enhance their mental fitness. Shmoody adopts a now not-too-extreme method even as providing proof-primarily based strategies supported through clinical studies.

UMR | Health

The app affords convenient access to numerous healthcare features with a single tap. Users can appear up in-community healthcare carriers, view their member ID cards, track deductible payments, take a look at upcoming appointment co-pays, and evaluate current scientific or dental claims—all customized to their individual healthcare benefits plans.

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React Native Apps – Category Music

Musixmatch Lyrics Finder

Musixmatch provides synchronized song lyrics and translations for the music library. users can connect to Spotify or Apple Music for seamless access to synced lyrics. They can easily search for songs, learn new languages, and identify songs playing around. Additional features include smart seek, LyricsCard sharing, and community engagement.


The K-LOVE app has been made over with new functions and an updated look, offering customers greater enjoyment. Among the new functions, customers can now create personalised lists of their favourite songs and get entry to designated tune content offering pinnacle K-LOVE artists. Furthermore, customers can effortlessly find out K-LOVE stations in their nearby place or even as travelling and quickly discover the current gambling tune the use of the handy player bar.

Music League

Music League introduces a captivating sport where users can proportion and discover music by undertaking pleasant competitions to decide the first-class songs for various issues. With every spherical offering a clean perspective on tune, players can put up songs that align with the subject matter, fostering opportunities to proportion loved tracks or unearth hidden gemstones. Gameplay involves submitting songs, balloting for favourites, and being attractive in discussions, in the long run, crowning champions for each round and a standard winner for the Music League. The app curates Spotify playlists primarily based on submissions, facilitating seamless listening studies for all contributors.

LANDR – For Music Makers

LANDR offers musicians, producers, and creators a seamless way to paintings on-tune tasks each in and out of the studio. With the LANDR App, users can pay attention to tracks, collaborate with others, and percentage music results easily. Users can access professional-first-class masters generated through LANDR’s AI and they also can enjoy seamless connectivity with messaging capabilities tailored for track makers. Landr ensures a top-notch person enjoys without interruptions.


In the Music section, users can now create personalized lists of their favourite songs, enjoy in-depth music content featuring Air1’s top artists, discover Air1 stations nearby or while travelling, and easily identify the currently playing song with the quick access player bar. In the Faith section, users can submit prayer requests for themselves or others, explore new faith-focused content for a deeper spiritual experience, and find inspiration while sharing beautiful daily verse images with others.

Best examples of React Native Apps, Category: Social

Ubisoft Connect

Access all offerings related to Ubisoft games with the new Ubisoft Connect associate App. The app allows customers to connect with gamers throughout all systems and games, view buddies’ sports and achievements, and make new connections. Enhance gaming revel in recreation-particular demanding situations and release rewards like guns, outfits, and extra. Users can earn XP to boost their Ubisoft Connect level and accumulate Units for rewards and reductions.

Faves – Save Videos Forever

Faves offers a convenient approach to collecting all favoured motion pictures in one accessible location. Videos saved on Faves are securely stored on the cloud, ensuring they may be watched each time, hassle-free. Videos may be effortlessly uploaded from the digicam roll, freeing up tool storage without dropping loved content. With Faves, customers can experience excessive-definition video first-class for an immersive viewing. They can also effortlessly organize favored movies with the usage of Stacks or fast find them with the use of keywords.

Renz – Make New Friends

Renz introduces a singular approach to connecting people with like-minded peers globally. Customize profiles, discover shared interests, and swipe via limitless alternatives to find well-matched vibes. Renz prioritizes protection, making sure a steady area for young adults and young adults to foster authentic connections. Key Features:

  • Personalized profiles with interests for tailored connections.
  • Unlimited swiping to discover new buddies effects.
  • Robust protection measures, along with smooth reporting and blocking capabilities.

Memmy for Lemmy

Memmy is built for the network, no longer for income. It’s completely open supply and obvious, with all code available on GitHub. The platform is funded entirely via network donations, making sure no advertising marketing or trackers are present. Its modern and sleek layout, stimulated via Apollo, offers an effective personal experience with functions like gestures and full markdown help.

Users can connect with hundreds of independently run groups covering various subjects, from Home Improvement to Digital Art. Push notifications keep customers engaged with the community at no extra cost, at the same time an intuitive search characteristic makes it easy to discover new communities within the Fediverse. Memmy additionally gives a customised revel with alternatives for customizing the app and choosing from a whole lot of subject matters.


Warpcast serves as a gateway to Farcaster, a revolutionary decentralized social community harking back to e-mail, where users revel in complete control over their debts. It fosters a diverse worldwide community of the curious and the insightful. Users can interact with the aid of putting in a profile and sharing public messages. Key functionalities encompass the ability to set up a Farcaster account, craft and interact with public messages and discover other users’ profiles.

Best Productivity React Native Apps

Sweepy: Home Cleaning Schedule

Sweepy transforms family cleansing into a plausible and engaging assignment. It lets customers craft a cleansing agenda, assign chores to their own family participants, and gamify the habitual for motivation. Key capabilities include tracking room cleanliness, prioritizing urgent duties, lightly distributing chores, and generating customized daily schedules, all synchronized throughout gadgets. Users are encouraged by progress visualization and a competitive leaderboard. Sweepy offers a monthly or every year subscription, beginning with a three-day trial that robotically converts to a paid subscription except cancelled.

Park Smarter

Park Smarter™ simplifies parking with its seamless pay-and-pass characteristic. Users can effortlessly discover spots, examine prices the use of the app’s map, and keep the automobile and charge info for brief get admission to. The comfort extends to remotely adding time to meters, ensuring users can manage their parking from any area.

Real-time indicators save your tickets and towing by means of notifying users of approximately expiring meters, with a choice to make bigger parking times as wished. The app accommodates numerous parking conditions with the aid of permitting the addition of a couple of vehicles and credit cards, making it appropriate for each non-public and commercial enterprise use. Behind Park Smarter™ is IPS Group, Inc., a pioneer in the smart parking era, providing sophisticated yet available parking solutions globally.

Pikmykid Parent

With the Pikmykid Parent App, users can seamlessly coordinate dismissal for school personnel while staying informed of any modifications, ensuring clean operations and improved verbal exchange. Users can manage pickup schedules and emergency communications in actual time, decreasing wait times and pressure. Pikmykid simplifies transportation management and complements safety measures, trusted by way of tens of millions for its consumer-pleasant interface and responsive customer service.

Essay Writer: NEXA

EssayMate combines AI-driven functions for writing enhancement, together with essay crafting through codecs, plagiarism detection, and grammar improvement. It facilitates several writing responsibilities from educational to creative, offering gear for outlining essays and summarizing content cloth. Users can also generate social media content material, compose emails, and create songs, all tailor-made to men or women alternatives without explicit steering or promotional language.

React Native Examples in App Category: Magazines

BBC Good Food: Recipe Finder

⁤The BBC Good Food app is a treasure trove for anybody keen on cooking, bundling collectively meal inspirations, recipes, baking initiatives, and steering from culinary professionals in an unmarried ad-loose platform. ⁤⁤It hosts an expansive selection of over 15,000 recipes, supported by means of academic films and education to shine kitchen competencies. ⁤⁤Subscribers can question the professional group, overview and maintain recipes handy with a unique Cook Mode, and revel in an advert-loose podcast series. ⁤⁤

The Atlantic Magazine

The Atlantic’s app gives comprehensive coverage of politics, tech, subculture, and greater, presenting in-depth reporting with intensity and accuracy. Features include curated daily choices, browsing of currently posted testimonies, and limitless entry to all journalism with a subscription. The app boasts an easy layout with Dark Mode choice for nighttime analysis and supports accessibility features like VoiceOver and large textual content sizes. Users can also experience The Atlantic Crossword puzzle in a committed segment.

Slate is an award-triumphing every day on-line magazine offering evaluation and remark on politics, news, commercial enterprise, era, culture, and advice. The app provides get admission to to curated tales of the day, written paintings together with political remark and movie opinions, and award-triumphing podcasts like the Political Gabfest and Slow Burn. Features include push notifications, light or darkish mode, and the option to buy or check in to Slate Plus for an ad-free studying experience and extra benefits.

The Economist: World News

The Economist app offers a comprehensive analysis and in-depth reporting on global news including politics, technology, finance, and geopolitics, aiming to provide readers with clear insights into complex issues. Subscribers gain full access to daily updates, podcasts, the weekly edition in both text and audio formats, and customizable reading features like article bookmarks and adjustable text size. The app encourages informed decision-making through its detailed coverage and expert opinions, targeting those looking to stay ahead in understanding world events.

The Rochester Post

The Rochester Post, operated via the Public Information and Community Engagement Office for the City of Rochester, New Hampshire, serves as a principal hub for municipal press releases, community occasions, public meetings, hearings, and nearby news from the State of NH. It affords these posts to readers free of rate, without requiring a subscription. The project of The Rochester Post is to boom attention, provide easy get admission to to public information, and promote citizen engagement in each the community and municipal authorities of Rochester.

The Christian Post

The Christian Post app can provide contemporary news, statistics, and commentaries relevant to Christians international, spanning denominational lines. Offering countrywide and worldwide coverage, it highlights events regarding Christian leaders, ministries, businesses, and the broader Christian community. As a leading online Christian news publication, The Christian Post affords continuous updates seven days a week, viewing all Christ-centered denominations similarly. Key features include get right of entry to to pinnacle stories, breaking news, and multimedia content, along with the ability to store and observe preferred topics. The app also gives dark mode for easy reading day or night time. Content includes information articles, op-eds, ebook critiques, cartoons, capabilities, podcasts, and movies.

React Native App Examples – Books Category

Book of the Month

The Book of the Month app gives access to a curated selection of hardcovers and audiobooks every month. Users can discover top alternatives, select books, concentrate to audiobooks, and song their reading progress. The app gives debut authors, early releases, and curated picks month-to-month. Users can use credits to purchase books, music box delivery fame, and pay attention to audiobooks within the app. They can also create a To Be Read listing, take part in a Reading Challenge, and unencumber rewards based totally on their studying activity.

Bookclubs: Book Club Organizer

Bookclubs is a comprehensive platform for starting, organizing, joining, or finding a book club. It simplifies the process by providing tools to schedule meetings, facilitate discussions, and discover new books to read. Users can start a new club or join a public club, use polls to select books and meeting times, and receive calendar invites and meeting reminders. Discussion can take place on club message boards or through direct messages.

The app also offers discussion questions for each book, keeps a library of the club’s reading history, and allows users to save, rate, and recommend books. Users can see what thousands of other clubs are reading, track personal reading goals, receive personalized reading recommendations, and much more.

Read Scripture

Read Scripture is dedicated to fostering a personal connection with the Bible by providing a curated year-long reading plan accompanied by engaging videos from the Bible Project. These videos offer insights into each book of the Bible, major theological themes, and guidance on how to approach Scripture.

The content is conveniently housed within a beautifully designed app available for download on the App Store. While community engagement is encouraged, the app is structured to accommodate individual exploration of the Bible. All scripture quotations are sourced from the ESV® Bible and used with permission from Crossway, Good News Publishers.

zLibrary – EPUB Reader & PDF

The Book Reader app gives get admission to to hundreds of curated ebooks from the general public domain, permitting users to without problems browse popular books, authors, and tags. With a minimalist design, users can navigate through the library and store their favored books effortlessly. The app helps offline reading, automatically downloading books to the person’s library for handy get right of entry to whenever. Users can regulate analyzing settings, consisting of font length and historical past mode, and pick ambient sounds or song to enhance their reading revel in.

Additionally, the app lets in customers to import books from different sources and affords particular data about each e book, inclusive of identify, writer, language, and outline. Premium subscription offers access to greater curated books, unlimited e-book imports, and extra capabilities like powerful search functionality and sharing with family.

App build with React Native – Dev Tools category


RealRemote.Io is a platform dedicated to sourcing completely remote activity possibilities in software improvement and layout. Setting itself aside from different activity-posting websites, RealRemote.Io meticulously searches numerous activity-focused online communities to hand-pick distinct, fully far-flung job gives. These gives are then curated and provided directly to users as job applications, getting rid of the want to navigate through HR paperwork or organization chats. By connecting capacity employers directly with enterprise control, RealRemote.Io guarantees proven and up-to-date job opportunities for its customers.

Expo Go

Expo Go, empowers users to embark on web technology projects using their devices. With Expo Go, developers can craft interactive experiences infused with gestures and graphics using JavaScript and React. It simplifies the process of creating engaging applications, offering a seamless environment for building and testing projects.

Expo & React Native components

Expo & React Native UI Components Explorer is an application designed to help users easily find and explore UI components. It allows users to preview the project and check its features before using it in the project. The app provides an in-depth insight into the product without the need for editing.

React Native Paper

React Native Paper is an utility showcasing the abilties of the React Native Paper library. It offers an indication of the available components and permits users to test them out in real-time.

Code Runner – Compile IDE Code

Code Runner is a cell coding IDE and platform that permits users to run initiatives, code, and examine algorithms without delay from their mobile devices. It helps numerous programming languages together with C , Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MongoDB, and MySQL. With a rich text editor providing syntax highlighting, users can write and debug code, view compilation results and errors concurrently.

The app additionally gives challenges to test hassle-fixing talents and enhance coding proficiency. Key capabilities include a person-friendly interface, automobile-indentation, report open/shop functionality, and lively debug view for brief get right of entry to to output.

App Category: Weather – React Native Examples

OnTheSnow Ski & Snow Report

The Ski & Snow Report app by is a comprehensive tool for ski enthusiasts. It offers access to snow reports from over 2,000 ski areas worldwide, along with live webcams, firsthand reports, and regional weather forecasts. Users can set custom powder alerts and track their favorite resorts easily. Additionally, the app provides mountain overviews featuring stats, snow history graphs, and trail maps.

Avy: Avalanche & Weather Info

Avy is a comprehensive app designed for winter mountain exploration. It provides essential weather and avalanche information for various activities like skiing, snowboarding, and climbing. Users can access forecasts from avalanche centers like NWAC and SAC, with more centers planned for future updates. The app offers streamlined trip planning, offline caching for uninterrupted access to critical data, and the ability to submit observations to contribute to the community. Avy optimizes weather station data for easier interpretation of mountain conditions.

hello aurora: forecast app

hello aurora is a comprehensive app designed for aurora enthusiasts. It provides real-time aurora forecasts and alerts, enabling users to track the Northern Lights and share their experiences with other enthusiasts worldwide.

The app offers features like location sharing, aurora alerts, and a community platform for users to connect. Additionally, the Pro version offers advanced features such as profile setup, aurora hunting stats, and long-term forecasts. Users can also access weather alerts, cloud coverage data, and road conditions in select regions. With hello aurora, users can stay informed and connected while chasing the Northern Lights.

Surf Forecast by Surf-Forecast

Access designated surf forecasts for over 7,000 breaks international with the respectable Surf-Forecast.Com app. Trusted through hundreds of thousands for over twenty years, it provides hourly and long-range 12-day forecasts, webcam links, tide instances, and exact mapping to find close by breaks. Use the score tool to discover the high-quality browsing situations close to you and acquire custom surf signals.


Floodzilla gives real-time flood records for the Snoqualmie Valley, presenting present day flood conditions at key places, flood warnings and advisories, interactive flood maps, and news updates. Users can Stay safe from flooding by way of downloading Floodzilla!

Utilities React Native Apps

The Starlink app enables customers with diverse responsibilities associated with their high-velocity Internet carrier. It assists users in identifying greatest set up places, putting in Starlink hardware, checking for obstructions, verifying WiFi connectivity, receiving signals for provider problems, having access to connectivity records, dealing with related gadgets, troubleshooting connectivity problems, and contacting guide for assistance.

Text to Speech: Celeb Voice AI

The app offers modern-day era that effortlessly converts written text into terrific voiceovers using superior AI. It’s best for listening to lengthy texts or including professional-grade voiceovers to motion pictures. With intuitive customization alternatives, customers can tailor the voice and pace to their possibilities. Users can experience the power of AI text-to-speech era with the aid of downloading the app


PrivacyHawk is a privacy control tool designed to assist customers take manipulate of their personal records on line. It allows users to control, manipulate, and delete their facts from corporations that may be exploiting it. The app facilitates delete non-public statistics from unsolicited mail databases, prevent corporations from promoting records, and unsubscribe from undesirable advertising emails. It robotically identifies businesses which might be sharing or selling user statistics and allows the procedure of inquiring for deletion or unsubscribing from their services. With PrivacyHawk, customers can reduce the danger of hacking, identification robbery, scams, and spam with the aid of regaining manage over their personal information


The Rust partner app from Facepunch Studios allows gamers stay connected to the game, ensuring they by no means pass over critical moments. Users can pair with their favored Rust servers to obtain actual-time updates on participant counts, game time, on-line teammates, and more. The app allows exploration of the server map to locate points of interest, track teammates, and screen occasions like the attack helicopter and cargo ship. Communication with the team, remote manipulate of in-sport gadgets with Smart Switches and Alarms, and staying up to date with the modern-day Rust information are also featured. Requires the Rust sport on macOS and PC. Rust Console Edition is not supported presently.

Phantom – Crypto Wallet

Phantom is a person-pleasant crypto pockets designed for tokens, NFTs, and DeFi, imparting a unbroken revel in for exploring Web3. With Phantom, users can enjoy instantaneous transactions with low expenses, save their NFTs and tokens in a visually appealing interface, and read favorite websites immediately within the pockets’s browser.

The wallet prioritizes person protection via supplying complete asset control, respecting privacy, and undergoing impartial audits by using pinnacle protection firms. It additionally gives superior capabilities which includes token staking with just a few clicks, smooth integrated swapping, and steady biometric authentication.

Photography Apps built with React Native

Tactacam Reveal

The Tactacam REVEAL mobile app lets in customers to remotely control their REVEAL mobile cameras. Users can view galleries, proportion feeds, regulate settings, and assessment important stats from their smartphones.

The app offers smooth setup and activation, the potential to manage more than one cameras remotely, visibility of billing history, agency of photograph and video galleries, tracking of digital camera fitness and stats, and the option for on-call for photo capture. To get began, users need to down load the app, create an account, set up a statistics plan, and connect their REVEAL digicam by way of scanning its QR code.

Cameo – Personal celeb videos

The app lets in customers to connect to celebrities and request customized video messages for various events. Users can get hold of their customized videos within a specified time body and proportion their reviews on social media. Additionally, the app gives features along with direct messaging and comply with notifications for staying updated on exceptional content material and promotions.

Skylight App

The Skylight App serves as a hub for handling Skylight Frame or Calendar gadgets. For Frames, customers can ship and play motion pictures, organize albums, add text captions to pics, down load Frame content, and remotely manipulate and configure settings. Additionally, users can manipulate a couple of Skylight Frames in the app. Calendar capabilities include per week view, custom lists for obligations and purchasing, customizable categories, calendar syncing from diverse systems, climate forecasts for events, and a chore chart for household responsibilities.

Once Upon | Photobook Creator

Once Upon is a photograph book app that permits customers to create personalised image books and prints at once from their telephone. Users can pick up to 594 snap shots, add captions if favored, and select from pre-designed format options. The app offers 3 e-book formats and top notch paper options for prints. Key functions include collaborative albums, drag-and-drop web page association, and automated iCloud sync. Once Upon also affords garage and printing services in more than one international locations.

WOMBO Me – AI Avatar Maker

WOMBO Me is an AI-powered app that transforms selfies into diverse avatars. With just one photograph, users can create over one thousand top class avatars. The modifications may be shared on social media for engaging reports.


The Sunoco Go Rewards app offers a cellular fuel rewards program that saves customers three¢/gal at participating stations. Users also can redeem grocery rewards for gas reductions and pay touch-unfastened at the pump or in-keep using diverse charge methods. Key functions encompass saving on gasoline with Sunoco Go Rewards and the choice to stack financial savings with the Sunoco Rewards credit score card.

Additionally, customers can control virtual receipts, song rewards, discover nearby Sunoco stations, and stay updated on new updates. To earn grocery rewards, users hyperlink their rewards program account, pay for gas using the app, and choose their grocery rewards to redeem. The app additionally gives touch-loose bills, mobile pay alternatives, and the capability to save virtual receipts securely. For extra facts and support, users can get right of entry to phrases and situations, contact customer service, or provide remarks thru the app.

Argo – Boating Navigation

Argo™ is a user-pleasant navigation and social boating app that gives unfastened download and utilization. It lets in customers to find out direction to new locations across North America, music boat journeys, connect with boating pals, and get the right of entry to actual-time nearby know-how from different boaters.

The app’s free functions consist of unlimited NOAA/USACE charts, auto and guide routing, a captain’s log for journey-making plans, modern weather conditions, and social features for connecting with buddies and membership contributors on the water. With Argo, customers can navigate and route using different map perspectives, get entry to intensity and contour data, plan journeys, music voyages, file tracks, locate factors of interest, and get hold of real-time reports from other boaters risks, map problems, and more.


AirGarage is a convenient parking answer for customers within the United States and Canada, offering seamless parking reports. With AirGarage, users can easily discover, reserve, and pay for parking spots throughout quite a few places, along with hourly, daily, and monthly options.

The app allows fast and easy payments, removing the need for traditional parking meters or price tag machines. Users handiest pay for the actual time they spend parked, decreasing wasted cash on unused time. Advanced reservations are to be had, allowing users to plot beforehand and reserve parking spots in advance, with flexible cancellation alternatives for delivered convenience. Additionally, a devoted customer service crew is available 24/7 to assist users with any queries or troubles.

A Better Routeplanner (ABRP)

A Better Routeplanner (ABRP) is a top-rated carrier for making plans, getting to know, and visualizing Electric Vehicle (EV) trips worldwide. Users can select their car version, input their destination, and receive a comprehensive trip plan, complete with important charge stops and expected ride period.

The platform also gives a mode for real-time journey follow-up, allowing users to replan as needed and obtain non-stop updates on their journey’s progress. ABRP helps each essential EV version in the marketplace, making sure of compatibility and assistance for all users.

Colorado Trail Explorer

The Colorado Trail Explorer (COTREX) offers a comprehensive path map for the state, sourced from over 230 trail managers. Users can find out trails via hobby type, view featured routes, and download lightweight offline maps for uninterrupted exploration.

Record trips and designated field notes, entire challenges to earn badges, and percentage studies with the community. COTREX pursues to map every trail in Colorado, helping Colorado the Beautiful Initiative by means of connecting human beings, trails, and technology. Led with the aid of Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the Department of Natural Resources, COTREX is based on partnerships with organizations statewide to create a seamless community of leisure trails.

App Examples with React Native – Category: Graphics

Customuse – Skins For Roblox

Customuse is a flexible 3D design device catering to a community of over 2 million designers and creators. Users can layout Roblox skins, Minecraft avatars, Zepeto clothes, and custom filters for social media platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram. The platform gives quite a number of capabilities, such as customizable AR filters, 3-D garb mockups, AI tools for generating designs, and the ability to earn rewards with the aid of sharing creations on diverse marketplaces. Additionally, Customuse offers privacy coverage and terms of use links for consumer transparency and gives customer support through Discord.

vybe – be a celeb

vybe, the revolutionary social platform where presence in any scenario is manifested. From chilling with celebrities to walking the red carpet, vybe allows for the insertion of oneself or friends into any photo with ease. Just snapping a selfie, picking a background, and vybe does the rest, blending images seamlessly. It’s the perfect way to create “IRL” memories, amp up fan art, or even attend events that were missed. Friends are invited to join the fun, transforming everyday moments into something extraordinary.

Friendship Bracelets

Immerse in a global wherein loved moments are woven into the threads of friendship bracelets, crafted and traded inside a vibrant community. This platform transforms the undying culture of bracelet making into a digital form, permitting creativity to flourish. Users can customise bracelets with an array of colours, backgrounds, and precise shapes, sharing their creations on an international feed.

This digital haven is dedicated to celebrating bonds, encouraging users to discover, create, and connect, and retaining the essence of friendship alive in every interaction.

PhotoBoutique: AI Avatar maker

PhotoBoutique revolutionizes online visible identification with its superior AI abilities, offering customers a suite of equipment for enhancing profile images, headshots, and avatars. It focuses on transforming normal snapshots into expert or artistic renditions, catering to each private and professional needs.

The app offers a platform for developing different avatars suitable for social media, gaming, or commercial enterprise environments, enabling a completely unique digital expression. With AI technology at its core, PhotoBoutique turns easy photographs into compelling memories, offering endless opportunities for visual innovation. Policies and support are distinct in their provided hyperlinks, ensuring a complete person enjoys.

React Native

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