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The less friction, the better. With progressive web apps, you're saving your customers time and effort.
PWA represent the best of both web and mobile app worlds. They allow your customers to do all they need to, right on the website, while at the same time, offering them a rich experience of a mobile app. You can re-engage your customers anytime with push notifications, and have them easily access your progressive web app from their home screen. A true win-win!

Why Invest
in PWA Development?


Progressive web apps are the next generation of mobile app development. Welding native app functionality with the web app accessibility, speed, and performance, makes them a real game-changer.


PWAs guarantee the immersive design of native mobile apps, along with their home screen push notifications, ease of use, and overall quality, without having to download any software.


Faster than ever. PWAs are more lightweight and deliver a multi-platform experience by nature. Improve your load speed and overall performance and rank higher on Google search and other search engines.


Progressive Web Apps are always available to users right through their browsers. Forget losing clients who don't want to go through the hassle of downloading and installing physical apps.

Development Projects
Delivered by Our Experts

  • Frontend development for Amplience developers portal by Pagepro


    Front-end development for CMS Documentation in Docusaurus.

  • Case Study Toolbox - web app development by Pagepro


    Front-end development for web app MVP with React for insurance company

  • Just in Case Estates - Case Study - how we cut the development time by 50%

    Just in Case Estates

    Building the web app MVP with Next.js to test a new financial product on the US market.

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That’s an underrated skill that Pagepro has. They are able to simplify things. They’ve been quick, and they always deliver at the end of each two-week sprint. On top of that, the quality was excellent from the first time.

Apart from their technical skill and proficiency, which I really appreciate, Pagepro is very honest. Having a partner that we can trust and get to know has been critically important for us, especially since we’re working with a remote team. I trust them, and I’m very confident about their work, so I would highly recommend them.

They're the best agency I have ever worked with.

Big Companies Using Progressive Web Apps







The ability to achieve native functionality without installing physical apps is truly remarkable. Companies like Twitter, Spotify, and Facebook have known this for a while, and every year, more and more startups and enterprises are jumping on the bandwagon.

Progressive Web Apps
Are Great for Your Business


Progressive Web Apps doesn't require any installation, and are easily available from any device. On top of that, the speed and performance of PWA gives users a feeling of using the real app.


Don't lose conversion offline. Thanks to a progressive web app development, your customers will have access to your products even without a stable connection. They can continue to browse and add products to their carts without any issues.


Accessibility should never be a challenge for the user. We make sure to optimize the PWAs so that even the users with the lowest bandwidths get a smooth and satisfying experience.


Don't worry about your online presence. Progressive Web Apps can be indexed in Google just like any other web page.


Use PWA to reach the broadest range of customers from any device and browser.


Rebuild your connection with your customers by providing them with a brand new mobile experience, without the need of building an actual mobile app.

Progressive Web App
Development Services


Need to adapt your business to the users needs? Build a PWA from scratch with the help of our experienced developers.


Make your eCommerce mobile friendly or build a custom PWA to reach a much broader audience and generate more customers.


Move safely from your website to Progressive Web App without losing traffic.


Whenever you feel your Progressive Web App could be more efficient.


Hire Top PWA Developers

Tell us about your challenge, and let's get the ball rolling.

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Progressive Web App Design and Development
at Pagepro


We will have a closer look at your goals and objectives to specify technical requirements and priorities for the project.


In this phase we will define project deliverables, PWA design and create a project schedule to efficiently manage and verify the progress.


We take the project team into one room and make sure we all understand what goals, objectives, and expectations are.


We track and communicate the progress to adapt and arrive with the final product. As planned.

Work Appreciated by Startups and Enterprises

Why Choose Pagepro as Your
PWA Development Company

  • Efficiency guaranteed by Senior Developers

    Through the years, we run diverse development projects for startups, scaleups, and enterprises around the globe. We have experience in diverse industries, like HR, Finance, SaaS, and Real Estate and our team always amazes the clients.

  • We start from your business objectives

    As an experienced React development company, we align technology to your business. Not the other way around. React allows you to achieve your business objectives in the most cost-efficient way. And we know how to use this unfair advantage a lot.

  • Verified Coding Process

    We provide mobile and web development services of the highest quality. We care about every detail of your PWA and make sure that the written code is professional, understandable and meets the widely accepted coding standards.

  • 92% of our clients came back to work with us again!

    It's hard to earn trust. This is why going the extra mile is a part of our inner culture. Join over 170 companies that seem to be happy with their choice and came back for more!

Pagepro in Numbers

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    Projects Done

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    Years in Business

  • 4.9/5 Rate

  • 40

    Team Members

  • 92%

    Client Retention Ratio

Technologies We Use to Build a PWA


React Native









Progressive Web App FAQ

  • Progressive Web Apps are digital products built using common web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and are designed to provide an app-like experience to users on multiple devices. Web developers create these apps with enhanced user experience, and seamless interactivity in mind.

    Unlike native mobile apps, PWAs don't require additional distribution through app stores such as Google Play or the Apple App Store. Once published on the web, users can access them and add them to their home screen for increased user engagement.

    What sets progressive web applications apart is their installability criteria. PWA app can work offline and be added to the home screen, thanks to the inclusion of a manifest and a service worker.

  • Progressive web apps can be called 'progressive' only if they work online. In order to achieve offline functionality, PWAs require a virtual proxy that connects the browser and the network called a service worker. Service workers make websites available to the user even when the user's device is not online.

    In more technical terms, service workers run separately from the main JS code of the web page. They also do not have access to the DOM structure itself which means that API is 'non-blocking'. Progressive web development offer rich offline functionalities, including offline push notifications, handling and modifying network requests, and even responding offline through the information stored in the cache.

  • The short answer is: yes.

    However, there are a few limitations when comparing the main iOS browser: Safari, to other browsers like Microsot Edge or Google Chrome. Mainly because Safari doesn’t support a native add-to-home screen cue and even though it does support the use of service workers, it doesn’t allow or push notifications. But it's important to understand that these limitations are largely overblown. Progressive web apps are just as great a bet on iOS as they are on android.

    All that aside, a PWA still offers a native app performance within the browser. You still get a web application that does not need to be downloaded, works on offline devices and can be accessed anytime and anywhere. All in all, having a progressive web app is worth it no matter the operating system. Other platforms may have been more supportive of the PWA development than iOS, however, it isn't as big of a deal as it might seem.

    Conglomerates like Twitter and Alibaba continue to see massive conversion increases both on android and iOS, proving over and over that progressive web apps are a great addition to native apps. Furthermore, as slowly as they may, Apple does continue its progressive web app development, presenting new functionalities over time.

    Should you get a PWA for iOS then? If you're looking to improve your conversions and sales there is no real reason not to invest in a progressive web app for iOS

  • Yes, you can! React is a popular library for building user interfaces, and it's a great choice for building PWAs as well. It can also be combined with other latest technologies to create highly performant progressive web apps with features like offline mode, push notifications, and enhanced user experience across multiple devices.

    By leveraging React benefits, progressive web app developers can build solutions that provide app-like performance and user-friendly experiences, without the need for native app development.

  • You need to prepare the service worker file, manifest file and an icon. Then you need to add some extra code within your JS code to register this service worker.

  • Many firmscontinue to make the mistake of believing that by paying more money they are bound to get a better product. With some research, you can quite easily find a partner that is capable of delivering the highest quality product for a competitive price.

    However, when looking for a PWA development companies there are a couple of key factors that you should consider.

    First is to check the testimonials and track record of the development company of your choice. It's even better if you've had the first experience of working on different projects with a given company. Chances are it is far more than just hiring pwa developers . The better agencies can offer senior-level engineers capable of far more than just progressive web app development.

    The second factor is a flow you have with the agency. Take advantage of the contact form. Most software companies offer a free consultation with a specialist. There, you can present your vision and ask about the development process and check if it's a match.

  • The costs of progressive web application development depend on quite a few factors. First, costs vary greatly from country to country. So PWA development hourly rate may be as much as $160 when hiring a software development company based in the UK or the US and as little as $10 when hiring PWA developers from Indonesia. The country's origin does not reflect the quality of the end product as you might find high-end PWA developers all over the world. What is a very important factor is the seniority of developers in a given company.

    The price of PWA development can also greatly vary depending on your needs regarding features, functionalities, and the amount of customization required.

    Progressive web app cost breakdown

    At Pagepro, frontend development agency providing PWA development services, we place somewhere in-between. Based on the typical Polish hourly rate of $50-$70, you can expect the following pricing:

    • Basic - starting at $2 500

    • Average - starting at $25 000

    • Complex - starting at $50 000

  • The time it takes for a progressive web apps development company to complete an appliation varies greatly. In general, when it comes to building a progressive web app it's going to depend on the complexity of the final product. A basic web app can take anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks, while the more complex onewill usually take longer than 16 weeks.

    Furthermore, depending on the technologies used, the experience of developers in a given firm, as well as different features and software goals will all factor in on how long this process takes. A rough time estimate for building PWAs:

    • Basic - 3-8 weeks

    • Average - 8-16 weeks

    • Complex - 16+ weeks

    Most companies offering PWA solutions will provide you with time and cost estimates once you've contacted them.

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