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Elevate Your Digital Business
With Jamstack Development

Jamstack is a web development architecture that enables you to build super-fast static pages and websites based on microservices methodology. It also gives you all static site advantages, like great performance, high traffic resistance, fast load speed, safety, great SEO, etc.

In other words, all you need to create a new highly converting sales and marketing machine.

How Jamstack Architecture
Makes You Competitive?


Boost your marketing channels





"Picture this: Jamstack turbocharges your website. Conversions? They're soaring. User smiles? Unmissable. Scaling up? Effortless. Say goodbye to tech hassles, and hello to your digital edge."

Jakub Dakowicz

Successful Projects Built With Jamstack
by Our Developers

  • Case Study Toolbox - web app development by Pagepro


    Front-end development for web app MVP with React for insurance company

  • Lyngen North

    Jamstack Development for Extraordinary Hotel at the Edge of the World.

  • Green Custard

    Building Super-fast Jamstack Website for Advanced Partner of AWS.

  • Frontend development for Amplience developers portal by Pagepro


    Front-end development for CMS Documentation in Docusaurus.

  • Kiwi Storage

    Building a Highly-Performant Jamstack Website for Storage Solution Provider

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Pagepro was excellent from a project management perspective, thanks to their budget flexibility and timely adherence to our deadlines.

Apart from their technical skill and proficiency, which I really appreciate, Pagepro is very honest. Having a partner that we can trust and get to know has been critically important for us, especially since we’re working with a remote team. I trust them, and I’m very confident about their work, so I would highly recommend them.

Pagepro exhibited strong execution. They understood our technical goals and our desired performance metric. They were also very detail-oriented, and helped us achieve the KPIs we set for the project, including a lighter website, increased speed, and better SEO ranking.

What Are the Benefits
of Jamstack?


Stop losing clients because of the poor speed and page performance. Delight them with a static website that works in a blink of an eye.


Rank your pages easier and higher than your competitors. Google favours static HTML files, as they are fast, light and easy to scan.


Use Jamstack together with a headless CMS and deliver an outstanding and customized page without compromising performance.


Make your website bulletproof. In the Jamstack approach, there is no direct connection to the database, dependencies, user data or other sensitive information, because everything is connected through APIs.


Convert both web and mobile users. Jamstack makes sure that your website works perfectly on any device and it can easily handle the increased workload.


Become and stay innovative. Easily face future challenges by using Jamstack and static site generators. It makes the web a better place - less noisy, more readable, and much faster.


Hire Experienced Jamstack Developers

Tell us about your challenge, and let's get the ball rolling.

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Jamstack Services
We Provide


Static sites built with Jamstack are served to the user quickly and effectively without the need for costly server-side rendering.


Jamstack proved to be an absolute game changer in making eCommerce platforms (like Saleor or Shopify) much more efficient. Both UX and SEO-wise.


Migration from monolithic architecture (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal) to Jamstack influences the SEO rankings, page speed, security and maintainability.


Decoupling the front- and back-end results in higher flexibility, and full control over the content appearance and information architecture.


Our experienced frontend engineers and consultants suggest the best Jamstack architecture and infrastructure for your project.


Jamstack makes progressive Web Apps development quick and effective, as it is powered by top frontend technologies: React & Gatsby.

Make Sure Your Digital Products Excel
with Post Release Support

Experience a Post-release Support process crafted to elevate and optimize your Web App beyond its launch. The result? You remain laser-focused on overarching goals, free from technical distractions.

Fixed Monthly Bucket of Hours
Best for businesses with stable development plan

Customised Support
Best for companies hungry for growth

Use the benefits
of narrow-specialized agency dedicated to React.js and Jamstack

Tap Into Deep React Expertise

Unlock quality and efficiency for your projects by using the power of React.js and React Native. Your apps will be built on the industry’s best and most proven libraries. This ensures not just top-tier performance but also easy maintenance and significant cost savings for your business.

Stay Ahead with Cutting-Edge Tech

Stay at the cutting edge of digital innovation. Leverage the latest tech trends, from headless CMSes to low-code and no-code solutions. Make your applications future-proof and integrate seamlessly with your existing systems for maximal operational efficiency.

Experience Seamless Project Execution

Enjoy a development process that’s as efficient as it is effective. From initial development to deployment and even post-launch maintenance, a streamlined process ensures your projects are on time, secure, and optimised for peak performance - eliminating common hiccups and setbacks.

Enjoy Personalized Service and Expert Oversight

Step into a partnership where you’re the central focus. Every project benefits from direct CTO expertise, ensuring insights are aligned with your vision. And with clear, regular updates, you stay informed and empowered, enjoying the hands-on attention that sets apart truly personalised service.

Enjoy Clear And Proven
Jamstack Development Process

Aligning Goals with Our Client Partner

This is where our partnership begins. In an introductory call with our Client Partner, we get to know your vision, verify your objectives, and determine if we're the right fit.

Strategic Call with Our CTO

Next, you'll have a strategic consultation with our CTO. We take the time to assess the technical feasibility of your project, suggest an appropriate tech stack, estimate the time frame for development, and propose a suitable team composition.

Expert-Led App Development

This is where your vision comes to life. Our specialised team, starts the development process. We're not only building MVPs but developing full-fledged applications. You can expect regular updates and open communication as we move through the stages of development together.

Partnership with Regular Check-ins

Our dedication to your success extends beyond just delivering your project. We hold regular check-ins and health-check meetings to monitor the progress of our partnership, discuss any concerns, and strategize for the future.

Why Choose Pagepro
as Your Jamstack Development Team?

  • Narrow-and-deep expertise

    Get the best of React, React Native, and Jamstack - the most efficient technologies to build, scale, and maintain apps. Get support from top experts to use all the latest advantages.

    Confirmed by the seniority of our developers.

  • Small enough / Big enough

    Our boutique company is small enough to care and engage our CEO & CTO in the process, as well as big enough to work on truly challenging ideas and multiple project.

    Confirmed by strong case studies.

  • Pay for frictionless development only

    We believe in fair pricing. If you feel that a part of our service didn't provide value or wasn't up to the mark, you won't be charged for it. Our goal is your satisfaction.

    Confirmed by a 4.9 Clutch Score.

  • We answer emails in max 4 hours.

    Say goodbye to poor communication.
    Our dedicated Client Partner will reply to any queries or issues within a maximum of 4 hours.

    Confirmed by 90 NPS.

Pagepro in Numbers

  • 179

    Projects Done

  • 12

    Years in Business

  • 4.9/5

    Clutch.co Rate

  • 40

    Team Members

  • 92%

    Client Retention Ratio

Tech Stack
& Tools
We use with Jamstack




Jamstack FAQ

  • Jamstack is a modern web development architecture that enables you to create static websites and benefit from great performance, high traffic resistance, high security and great SEO.

    To put it as simply as possible, Jamstack is a mashup of some of our favourite things - JavaScript, APIs, and Markup. As a web development architecture, it's there to make scaling up easy as it means you'll no longer have to rely on a web server. JavaScript is what'll handle any of the dynamic programming during the request/response cycle. All server-side databases or database actions are then abstracted into reusable APIs, which are accessed through HTTPS with JavaScript.

    Finally, markup is something that should be pre-built at deploy time. As an effect, Jamstack generates a static page available on the client side. It is great for improving both the user experience and the developers experience.

    Together with a content management system (CMS) it makes a great marketing and digital business combination!

  • Many believe that Jamstack is the future of web development, especially because it constantly evolves accordingly to web requirements.

    It uses modern technologies that enable you to create a scalable website that can grow with your business. It's based on static assets, that rely on the CDN which allows the websites and apps to easily handle large amounts of traffic. Thanks to integrations through APIs, there are thousands of options that can improve the UX without increasing your server's load.

    What's more, Jamstack offers full flexibility for developers and so they don't meet any limitations during the development. Applications are typically composed of several smaller components that can be developed independently which makes the process faster and more efficient.

  • First, a Jamstack developer should be a great, detail-oriented frontend developer, with a decent experience in JavaScript. Even better if he's familiar very well with the React library.

    Don't forget that some of the best Jamstack technologies, like Gatsby, and Next.js are built upon React.

    At Pagepro, we use:

    • React.js

    • Gatsby.js

    • Next.js

    • Node.js

    This stack enables us to deliver truly great results fast, and we highly recommend using it to you as well.

  • It depends on the level of complexity, but simple pages are taking from 1 month up to 3 months, and more complex pages could take 6 months up to 18 months, or more.

    Also, it's different to work with Jamstack freelance developers than working with Jamstack company, as if you hire a freelancer, you only get as fast as his skills can take you, while by working with the agency it's normal to use competencies of the whole team - project managers, developers and designers to get things done faster.

  • The best Jamstack development agency is the one that is actually dedicated to work with Jamstack, front-end and serverless.

    But besides that, you can also search for JavaScript, or React dedicated agencies, as there is a big chance they have in-house Jamstack competencies.

    Most of the time, our customers choose us as their Jamstack partner after reviewing our related portfolio, blog articles about Jamstack, Clutch reviews and positive impressions from the first meeting.

  • The content on a static website doesn't change regardless of the user's actions, the browser's language, or other preferences. Every page has a dedicated HTML file containing this page's content. Since it's necessary to have some HTML knowledge to edit these source files, they are not meant to update them on a regular basis.

    For example, to create a simple business website, you could use a Static Site Generator (SSG) like Gatsby or Next.js.

  • In a Jamstack web app, HTML is pre-built and stored in a CDN - content delivery network, and served from it in a blink of an eye.

    Jamstack approach is serverless and all dynamic components of the application are based on API. Thanks to that it delivers a much faster user and developer experience.

  • Yes, we do provide support for Jamstack sites - both those, which we created and already existing. We provide post-launch support, in order to help with any kind of obstacles linked with usage and Maintenance and SLA, where our Jamstack web developers are available for continuous updates, website changes and on-demand fixes.


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Jakub Dakowicz

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