React Native

React Native enables you to create native mobile apps on iOS and Android and help you bring the most out of user-experience on mobile devices. As a React Native development company we help you learn more about the advantages, best use cases, and practices in a modern world of Mobile Development to become a better React Native developer yourself.

React Native Pros and Cons in 2021

Learn about React Native pros and cons – an open-source platform that enables you to build mobile apps for Android and iOS with one codebase.

Should You Be Afraid To Eject From Expo Managed Workflow?

Expo is a fantastic tool to develop React Native apps.

There are two ways you can use Expo – managed and bare workflow. The Expo team recommends using the first option at the beginning of the road.

In effect, many developers seem to be afraid of taking this step. Should you?

React Native FAQ For 2021: All You Need To Know

Read FAQ to learn about the pros and cons of React Native development and other things you should know before adding it to the tech stack.

React Native Flipper: A Better Way of Debugging

Flipper is an open-source debugging tool made by Facebook for mobile apps – both for iOS and Android. It existed for quite some time, but it has not been widely used. However, it can change with the release of React Native 0.62, which has Flipper integrated by default.

Read the entire post to find out why it’s worth to try using Flipper.

React Native vs NativeScript: Comparison

Somewhere in the middle of our previous article about the pros and cons of React Native and Xamarin, I promised to deliver another comparison at the end of the week. And here it is – React Native vs NativeScript comparison.

React Native vs Xamarin: Pros and Cons (2020 Edition)

Today, we will talk about choosing the right framework for your cross-platform mobile application. This time, the choice is limited to React Native and Xamarin.

React Native Tutorials, Blogs, and Other Resources for 2020

Do you want to keep up to date with React Native? Check these resources.

React Native For Startups: Is It Really a Good Idea?

Building a startup is like driving a sports-car. It’s fun, it’s exciting, but it is also about fast yet wise decisions. Making mistakes is not an option, and the danger is high. You may either crash your car or run out of gas before getting to your planned destination.

How To Do a React Native Code Review – Checklist

Did you ever want to do a code review of a React Native application by yourself?

If yes, let me guide you through the whole process, step-by-step with our own checklist.

React Native vs Ionic and Cordova: Comparison

It’s not a surprise many developers are choosing to work with React Native instead of platforms like Ionic and Cordova. Learn why!