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Expo shines among developers, greatly improving React Native App Development processes. We decided to prepare a list of the best examples of Expo Apps to highlight their usefulness among various industries and app categories, like health, finance, hood, entertainment etc. We chose the apps available across platforms, iOS and Android and rated around 4 stars at the iOS App Store.

In the description of each app, we added their current score on the iOS App Store, their category, and category rank, if it was available to give you the best lookout on them and present the wide opportunities you get with Expo. (Please note, that the scores were collected in March 2024, so please check the iOS Store for the most current information).

Explore the diversity and versatility of the Expo in accommodating different project’s requirements and visions!

Why Expo?

You may be now wondering why people across the globe are using Expo for cross-platform mobile app development, so I will give you a quick summary from our React Native Engineering Manager, Norbert:

To be honest, the Expo simplifies everything. It cuts through the setup and configuration headaches, allowing the team to focus on what really matters: building great features. We can iterate on ideas and fix bugs in real time, which dramatically cuts our time-to-market.

I need to admit, that the ability to share prototypes and test apps instantly through Expo Go is a huge advantage, too. It keeps everybody in a loop and speeds up decision-making.

And, last but not least here, a huge library of pre-built components and APIs is, as always, a big win. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel, which, as you know, results in cutting the time and cost of building the app.

It’s just a perfect addition to React Native, which itself is amazing at speeding up the cross-platform app building. We love it. And seeing how much it grows in time makes me happy – I know we will be covered in many aspects of building amazing mobile user interfaces.

Norber Kamienski – React Native Engineering Manager

Okay, so I think we’re ready to start now!

P.S. We created an amazing guide on publishing the expo app to iOS and Android! It may be helpful once you read this article and ensure Expo is just right for you.

Learn how to publish Expo App on React and Android step-by-step.

Top Finance Expo Apps

Coinbase: Buy Bitcoin & Ether

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategoryCategory Rank (App Store)
Coinbase, Inc.4.7Finance#12

The Coinbase iOS app is the first place for customers around the sector, providing an easy and fun way to manage cryptocurrency transactions. Covering a variety of digital currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc, it serves over a hundred and ten million customers from over a hundred international locations.

It helps secure cryptocurrency buying and selling, along with crypto betting and yield features on selected assets. It also provides users with educational tools, so they can constantly learn about investing in crypto.

Of course, here security is essential, and so users’ belongings are covered with brand-new encryption and complete security features. Coinbase is one of the most effective publicly traded crypto trades in the US.

DailyPay On-Demand Pay

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategoryCategory Rank (App Store)
Daily Pay Inc.4.8Finance#63

The DailyPay On-Demand Pay app allows users to access their salary before payday, reducing financial stress. With integration into over a hundred and eighty HCM, payroll, and time management structures, it gives full flexibility to the users. The main features cover ‘Pay Balance’ accumulation for instant withdrawals, supported by robust security features like 256-bit encryption and PCI compliance. Users receive timely pay stability notifications, ensuring uers are safe and covered.

Chime – Mobile Banking

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategoryCategory Rank (App Store)
Chime Financial, Inc.4.8Finance#10

The Chime Mobile Banking app simplifies private finance with features like early direct deposit, automatic savings, and real-time transaction notifications. Security measures encompass FDIC coverage, encryption, and two-aspect authentication. Its no-rate version, Chime SpotMe for overdrafts, and Credit Builder software are loved by the users, who appreciate getting paid early, apss’ ease of use, and compatibility with cell payment platforms. Chime offers person-friendly, secure, and fee-unfastened banking tailored to current financial needs.

Mission Lane Card

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategory
Mission Lane LLC4.9Finance

The Mission Lane Card enables its users to manage their credit card accounts anytime, anywhere. With the app, users can check their account balance, pay bills, view activity, and keep tabs on their credit score, all from their phone. The app offers easy access to customer service agents, aiming to support users in achieving their financial goals.

Bloom – Learn to Invest

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategory
Contour Labs, Inc.4.7Finance

Bloom encourages active learning and investing through games and rewards, providing an all-around platform for financial education and investment practice. It’s designed to teach teens and young adults about investing by providing interactive financial lessons, educational resources developed by experts, a real investing account, and rewards to make learning engaging. It allows younger people to invest in stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies with minimal barriers and includes.

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Best Examples of Expo Apps in the Food Category


ProvideriOS App ScoreCategoryCategory Rank (App Store)
Daily Pay Inc.4.7Food#18

The Burger King® app enables easy access to the restaurant’s menu and current deals and streamlines the orders. It’s designed with the customers’ experience in mind, allowing them to save their preferred orders and simplify future purchases of their favourite food. Moreover, the app tailors offers to individual users and helps to find the nearest Burger King® locations. No surprise that it’s favoured among the fans of the brand.


ProvideriOS App ScoreCategoryCategory Rank (App Store)

The sweetgreen app offers a simple way to order healthy and sustainable meals. Within the app, users can customize their salads, bowls, and plates with plenty of fresh ingredients. The main features, besides the orders, include saving favourite meals for quick reordering and earning rewards towards future purchases. The app also offers exclusive menu items and special offers that improve the dining experience for their users.

Just Salad

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategory
Just Salad LLC4.8Food

The Just Salad app encourages users to easily customize and order salads, wraps, bowls, and more healthy meals, catering to various dietary preferences. Additionally, the app provides exclusive discounts, rewards for frequent orders, and the ability to save favourite orders for faster checkout in the future. And there’s something extra: interactive nutrition and carbon footprint information, so you can stay healthy and save the planet.

Delicio: AI Chef, Food Recipes

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategory
Salix Dijital Pazarlama Anonim Sirketi3.8Food

Delicio: AI Chef, Food Recipes is an innovative app that uses artificial intelligence to help users discover and create delicious meals. The app offers personalized recipe recommendations based on dietary preferences, available ingredients, or desired cuisines. It’s designed to simplify meal planning and cooking by providing step-by-step instructions and tailored suggestions. With Delicio, users can explore a vast collection of recipes, from quick everyday meals to gourmet dishes.

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Best of Sports Expo Apps

Pikkit: Sports Betting Tracker

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategoryCategory Rank (App Store)
Pikkit, Inc4.9Sport#75

Pikkit: Sports Betting Tracker provides an amazing sports betting experience by supplying users with tools to track their bets, analyze performance, and receive insights on various sports events. It offers a clear way for speculators to organize and monitor their betting activity across multiple sports, enabling better decision-making through statistical analysis and historical data. The app aims to support users in maximizing their betting efficiency and effectiveness.

GoFan: Buy Tickets to Events

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategoryCategory Rank (App Store)
Huddle Inc4.8Sport#55

The GoFan app is a ticketing platform, that allows users to buy tickets for various events, including sports, concerts, and school functions. It provides a simplified process of finding and buying tickets, offering digital access to events without the need for physical tickets. It’s the best way for organizers to promote the events and attendees to access them.

HotStreak Fantasy Sports

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategory
InPlay Innovation, Inc4.6Sport

A dynamic platform for engaging in fantasy sports, focusing on short-term or “hot streak” competitions. Users can create or join fantasy sports contests, making predictions based on real-time sports events. The app was designed with sports enthusiasts in mind, who admire an interactive fantasy sports experience, allowing them to compete with friends or other sports fans. HotStreak rewards players for quick decisions and the accuracy of their predictions, providing a thrilling way to enjoy fantasy sports.


ProvideriOS App ScoreCategory
Golf Channel4.8Sport

The GolfPass app provides instant access to a wealth of golf-related content, including exclusive GolfPass originals, Golf Channel programs, and much more. It allows users to enjoy their favourite golf shows, original series, and lessons from golf champions and renowned coaches. What’s more, it offers streaming on mobile devices and connected TVs, featuring exclusive shows, live tournament streams, and on-demand golf instruction. GolfPass members gain unique access to golf’s greatest events, iconic moments, and extended golf tips.

Juice Reel: Bet Tracker & Tips

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategory
Juice Integration, Inc.4.7Sport

Juice Reel helps sports speculators track their bets across various sports and gain insights into their betting habits. It notifies users of betting tips and provides in-depth analytics to improve their betting strategies. The app aims to enhance the betting experience by offering tools for better decision-making.

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ProvideriOS App ScoreCategoryCategory Rank (App Store)

The PUMA App is another sales channel, where PUMA fans can buy, and also access the latest content on sports style and street culture, including unique sneaker and clothing collaborations. It’s focused on personalization, providing wish lists, and a customized feed, providing the users with content specifically aligned to their preferences. This makes them feel unique and ensures they are always updated with PUMA’s offerings.


ProvideriOS App ScoreCategoryCategory Rank (App Store)

The recently redesigned GameStop app boosts the gamers’ shopping experience, allowing them to easily search and shop, offering detailed product information and ratings. They also provide GameStop Pro which offers members exclusive benefits, including rewards, discounts on pre-owned products, extra credit on trades, and special deals. The app promotes timely order placement and tracking, with options for delivery, in-store pickup, or same-day delivery on select items. Additionally, it supports trade-ins, allowing users to sell electronics and games for cash or credit.

Goody – Easy Gifting

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategory
Spacetime Ventures LLC4.8Shopping

Goody is a great way to show someone love and appreciation with a little surprise! It allows users to send gifts using just a recipient’s name and phone number, without the address or upfront payment. The recipient receives a text message including a unique unwrapping experience, a personalized card, and a message. They can then input their address to accept and receive the shipped gift. The app features a curated list of popular gifts, streamlining the gift-giving process.

Carrot – Save, Shop, Deal Hop

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategory
Carrot Cart, Inc4.9Shopping

Carrot transforms online shopping with its Safari extension and AI use. Called by the community “Pinterest of shopping,” it remembers products considered “to buy” and organizes them into wishlists to eliminate the need for multiple open tabs and missed deals. What’s more, it finds discounts of up to 90% off but also rewards users with points for purchases and referrals, exchangeable for gift cards.

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Business Apps Created with Expo

Amazon A to Z

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategoryCategory Rank (App Store)
AMZN Mobile LLC4.8Business#126

The Amazon A to Z app is designed for Amazon employees to manage their work-life. Users stay informed with the latest company news and utilize resources for career development, retirement planning, and more. The app offers features for updating personal profiles, submitting time off requests, viewing schedules, and accessing compensation information.

Shipt Shopper: Shop for Pay

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategoryCategory Rank (App Store)

Shipt brings opportunities for individuals to earn money by working as personal shoppers and delivery drivers, providing flexibility in scheduling and daily payment options. It allow users to serve their community, making grocery deliveries from local stores to members. With Shipt, users can choose their work hours, ensuring a balance between their personal and professional lives, while joining a supportive community of shoppers and drivers.


ProvideriOS App ScoreCategory

The Brex mobile app is a complex solution for corporate financial management, including corporate cards, expense management, refunds, business accounts, and travel services. It gives the users quick access to account and card management, enabling them to monitor spending, submit expenses, and manage payments. The app features integration with various business tools for streamlined operations and offers 24/7 live support.

Mystro Driver: Drive & Deliver

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategory

Mystro is a powerful app for rideshare and delivery drivers, enabling them to maximize their earnings by automating the multi-mapping process across platforms like Uber, Lyft, Uber Eats, DoorDash, and GrubHub. With features such as auto-accepting the best offers based on customizable filters and revealing hotspots for potential high-earning trips, Mystro helps drivers earn up to 30% more without wasting time between trips.

NetConnect for Clean Internet

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategory

NetConnect supports online privacy and security. With features like anonymous browsing and high-speed VPN connections, users can scroll the internet with confidence. NetConnect guarantees that user activities remain private and protected from third-party entities.

Provide best experience for users.

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Pick of Entertainment Mobile Apps built with Expo

StubHub: Event Tickets

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategoryCategory Rank (App Store)
StubHub Inc.4.8Entertainment#43

StubHub is the leading app for ticket buyers and sellers with access to over 10 million upcoming live events worldwide. Whether it’s sports games, concerts, theatre shows, or festivals, StubHub has it all. The app provides a smooth experience for buying and selling tickets, with features like mobile ticketing and easy listing management. StubHub’s FanProtect™ Guarantee ensures 100% confidence in every transaction, with a credit worth 120% of the original order or a full refund if an event is cancelled.

Vivid Seats | Buy Tickets

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategoryCategory Rank (App Store)
Vivid Seats4.7Entertainment#58

Vivid Seats guarantees every fan can experience the live events that shape their most vivid memories. With it, users can buy and sell tickets to a wide range of events, from must-see games to sold-out concerts and Broadway shows. Vivid Seats Rewards further promotes ticket purchases with stamps that lead to reward credits, making it easier for fans to attend more events.

Evil Apples: Funny as ____

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategory
Evil Studios Limited4.8Entertainment

“Evil Apples” is a mobile game inspired by “Cards Against Humanity,” known for its humorous and often provocative gameplay. Players match answer cards to question cards, aiming to create the funniest or most shocking combinations. The game features thousands of question-and-answer cards, allowing for varied play sessions. It supports multiplayer with friends or random opponents online, includes chat functionality, and lets players create custom cards. The app is extremely popular, particularly in the U.S., where it has topped word and card game charts.

Flamingo Cards

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategory
Tipsy Flamingo LLC4.8Entertainment

Flamingo Cards is a conversation-starting app. It provides various packs of deep and intriguing questions designed to create interesting conversations among friends, couples, and parties. The app includes 15 original packs, such as “Deep Questions,” “Couple Questions,” and “Spicy Questions,” aimed at creating memorable interactions.

POSH – Live Experiences

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategory
Posh Grouc Inc.4.0Entertainment

The platform gives a twin capability – customers can discover local live activities via an enticing audiovisual interface. Event organizers get tools to create, manage, and sell their experiences with customizable pages, ticketing alternatives, and extensive analytics for music advertising and marketing achievement. Additionally, it provides integration of door control and quick payouts.

Best News Apps Built With Expo


ProvideriOS App ScoreCategory
Newsrael communication ltd4.5News

Newsreel is a dynamic, pro-Israel newsfeed app, designed to keep its users informed about important events in Israel 24/7. Targeting especially evangelic audiences and other supporters of Israel, it motivates users to contribute by sending text and video content. The app focuses on strengthening the connection between evangelic supporters and Israel, providing resources to support Israel in its informational conflicts, including battles against BDS movements and rising global anti-Semitism.


ProvideriOS App ScoreCategory
The Daily Pennsylvanian5.0News

The Daily Pennsylvanian, along with its affiliates 34th Street Magazine and Under The Button, brings information about the latest news, arts, entertainment, and student life at the University of Pennsylvania. Features include top stories across publications, a discover section for article searches, bookmarking for later reading, and customizable feeds. This suite offers a blend of serious journalism, cultural insights, and humour tailored to the university community.

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Best Medical Expo Apps


ProvideriOS App ScoreCategoryCategory Rank (App Store)
Baylor Scott and White Holdings4.8Medical#104

The MyBSWHealth app by Baylor Scott & White Health allows users to efficiently manage their healthcare needs. They can schedule appointments with network doctors, communicate with the care team, view lab results and visit summaries, bill payments, telehealth visits, and prescription management. Additionally, the app allows for viewing health plan details, transferring or refilling prescriptions at BSW pharmacies, and uploading health data from apps like Apple Health. It also enables managing family healthcare from one place, enhancing the healthcare experience. So it’s a fully-packed medical app.

Solv: Easy Same-Day Healthcare

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategoryCategory Rank (App Store)
Solv Health4.9Medical#61

Solv enables users to book same-day doctor’s appointments and urgent care visits with top-rated doctors. They can also book a video chat with their preferred doctor, manage the appointments and complete the paperwork through the app. What’s more, an app allows for snapping photos of insurance cards to easily find providers near the users.

Carbon Health – Medical Care

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategoryCategory Rank (App Store)
Carbon Health Technologies, Inc.4.8Medical#112

Carbon Health offers a complete healthcare app for booking appointments, accessing scientific statistics, and dealing with prescriptions. Users can book virtual or regular appointments, speak with providers, and get admission to lab outcomes and care plans. The app additionally provides personalised continual condition packages and tips based totally on fitness statistics. Carbon Health has no membership costs, accepts maximum coverage plans, and gives telemedicine offerings nationally. Users can contact aid within the app for assistance.

Cerebral – Mental Health

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategory
Cerebral Inc.4.6Medical

Cerebral provides personalized, and low-cost mental fitness care via its community of qualified specialists. Users can quickly start a meeting with therapists or psychiatrists. For medication, Cerebral offers assessment, prescription, month-to-month take-a-look at-ins, and discounted medication with free transport. The app additionally capabilities video or telephone meetings, clean session reserving, medication reminders, progress tracking, mindfulness sports, and assets on intellectual fitness.

Eaze: Cannabis Delivery

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategoryCategory Rank (App Store)
Eaze Solutions LLC4.7Medical#190

Within the Eaze app, users can call for cannabis delivery instantly to the door with easy charge alternatives like debit card, bank account, or cash. Users can acquire notifications upon order arrival, ensuring an unbroken and handy enjoy from start to completion.

Best Example of Expo Apps – Category: Education

Brightspace Pulse

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategory
D2L Corporation4.7Education

The Brightspace Pulse App helps teachers and students stay on the same page, allowing them to visualize upcoming activities, manipulate their schedules, and stay on track with coursework. Users can view essential dates and closing dates for each path, and add their private reminders. They can also engage in Activity Feed discussions directly in the app, and seamlessly log in to D2L Brightspace through an internet browser for additional tasks. The app additionally supports Apple Continuity, bearing in mind clean login transitions among iPhone, iPad, and Mac gadgets.

Lingvano: Sign Language – ASL

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategoryCategory Rank (App Store)
Lingvano GmbH4.9Education#90

Lingvano offers a fun, rapid, and easy way to learn American Sign Language (ASL), with interactive classes and an ASL dictionary. It guarantees realistic communication abilities through interactive dialogues, and a vocabulary trainer for long-term retention. Lingvano aims to assist novices to hook up with Deaf individuals.

BoldVoice: Accent Training

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategoryCategory Rank (App Store)
Wellocution Inc.4.8Education#111

BoldVoice is the move-to app for English accent training, presenting video training from experienced coaches. The app offers personalized comments through superior speech AI and a Pronunciation Assessment to track development. Recognized by means of Google, Forbes, and TechCrunch, BoldVoice stands out as a top instructional app.

Prodigy Math Game

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategory
Prodigy Education Inc.4.5Education

Prodigy Math Game let players discover new worlds, embark on quests, and conflict with friends whilst practising math abilities. Each player creates a man or woman, or wizard, who progresses from stage 1 to 100, getting more potent, gathering gadgets, and unlocking zones along the way. Prodigy prioritizes privacy and protection, participating within the iKeepSafe Safe Harbor software and complying with COPPA and FERPA recommendations. Teachers praise Prodigy for its effectiveness in improving math talents and making getting to know exciting.

British Museum Audio

ProvideriOS App ScoreCategory
British Museum4.5Education

The British Museum app brings users an outstanding audio experience during their visit. With expert commentaries on 250 highlight items and 65 loose gallery introductions, customers can dive into the museum’s full-size collection. The app provides self-guided tours covering multiple topics, sensible travelling statistics, and an interactive map. Users can purchase themed tours or a complete package deal consistent with language for an extra complete revel in. With a guide for seven languages, such as British Sign Language, the app covers the needs of most of the museum’s visitors and clients.

Sum Up

It’s just a sneak peek of what we will cover in this article, as there are plenty of other apps, we’re about to add here soon. We want to cover over 100 apps across 23 categories to highlight that Expo was chosen by many app providers to increase their app development processes and ensure quick and easy app updates. Stay tuned!

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