Gatsby JS

Gatsby JS is one of the hottest technologies at the moment. It is a free and open-source framework based on React that helps developers build blazing-fast websites and apps. Use the advice of experienced Gatsby development company and dig deeper to learn the best use cases and practices of one of the hottest technologies in a web development world.

Gatsby Pros and Cons

If you are wondering about using Gatsby for the next project, this post is a great place to find out about Gatsby’s pros and cons.

Why is Gatsby JS Good for Google Rankings?

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimisation), doesn’t seem to get old — it’s just different every year. Google changes its Search Algorithm and Ranking System every once in a while, adding new ranking factors or modifying existing ones. And since 2018, the page speed is one of them.

Hosting Gatsby & Storybook on GitLab Pages

Hosting Gatsby and Storybook on Gitlab Pages is a great substitute for Netlify and comes with many interesting advantages.

Pros And Cons of Using Gatsby in WordPress Projects

Merging Gatsby with WordPress became a really hot topic this year and Thanks to many business advantages, more and more companies are adapting Gatsby as a part of their tech stack, which makes React and Gatsby developers in high demand as well. As WordPress is one of the most popular CMS and website creator, the […]

How To Build Gatsby Theme With Theme UI?

What is Theme UI? Before we start answering a question about Gatsby With Theme UI, let me make a short introduction. So, as the official site says, Theme UI is a library to building consistent, themeable React apps based on constraint-based design principles. It allows you to style any component in your application with typographic, […]

When Not To Use GatsbyJS?

Don’t let the title fool you – Gatsby is an awesome solution and one that really suits a lot of development projects, yet you should be aware of when not to use it. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about how great Gatsby is for creating new websites and apps. But…as with every […]

The Basics You Should Know About Gatsby API Files

GatsbyJS is a PWA (Progressive Web App) generator which is the most powerful framework that loads only the HTML, CSS, data, and JavaScript. Thanks to that, your site loads as fast as possible. The project created on Gatsby is loaded once and can prefetches data from resources to your pages, while you surfing around the […]

What Are GatsbyJS Alternatives?

Gatsby is a huge boom nowadays, so many people are trying to recognize its usage not by what is, but what are the alternatives. As developers, we can’t stress enough that you get what you pay for. So, to help you make an informed decision for your business (hint – no, it’s not a WordPress […]

Web Accessibility in React & Gatsby Projects

Building new websites require following few interesting rules, so let me quickly explain the basics of web accessibility in React and Gatsby projects. What is Accessibility and Web Accessibility? Accessibility is the degree to which an environment is usable by as many people as possible. Web Accessibility is the degree to which a website is […]

Why your agency should use Gatsby?

What is Gatsby? Gatsby is a new hot tool to create blazingly fast websites which enables you to have a performance out of the box.This post is strict to the agencies, so if you want some longer introduction, go ahead and check another post with basic info about Gatsby. Why your agency should use Gatsby? […]