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5 Mental Exercises For Best React Developers

I spoke to senior React Developers from my company and asked what do they generally do that helps them stay in coding shape.

How (Not To) Hire React Developers – 8 Common Fallacies

If you want to hire React developers, it’s seems like an endless battle. But in fact, it can be way much easier if you stay away from useless (yet still quite common) practice. We shortly listed some of the most famous fallacies people fall into while they hire developers: 1. The fallacy of being professional. […]

Best Books for Junior Developers to Boost Their Career

Young developers start their adventure with programming, ask a lot of questions on the internet about the best programming books. The most common answers are books describing the syntax and rules of the language. Developers forget about the rest of skills that I think should know every dev. These are the correct approach to work, […]