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How to cut development work by 500 hours with a deep discovery phase

About Just in Case Estates

Just in Case Estates focus on empowering individuals and families to create their living legacy.
They aim to unify the process of creating estate plans around the US, as the requirements are quite different in every state.

Because of the high costs, low accessibility and complexity of the planning estate process, about 60% of adult Americans have never had a chance to do this. What’s more, the execution isn’t as easy as it should be, even if the plan is in place.

Just in Case Estates has a mission to make the estate planning process easy and accessible to anyone. They decided to create a questionnaire that allows the customers to get the custom document accordingly to the requirement of the State they live in.

For now, they provide 3 different plans:

  • Pet Estate Plan,
  • Last Will & Testament
  • Revocable Living Trust

However, they have plans to expand the offer broadly.

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The customer just started a new business that aimed to unify and automate the process of estate management.

Their main challenges were:

  • To turn the idea into a product with limited time and budget
  • To find reliable partners and investors
  • To reach the audience around the US
  • To build an easy and accessible process of creating estate plans
  • To automate the process and provide individual offers

When the customer was looking for a highly specialized React agency, he didn’t have a detailed plan on how to execute the idea. He only knew that he wanted to build an app in React, based on the created data models, without any further details.

Searching for the Right Tech Partner

The customer found us on Google by looking for experienced React developers and was talking to a few other agencies.

In the Clutch review, he said:

Through a series of conversations in the RFP stage, I got to know Pagepro well. Although some of the other agencies offered more economical pricing on their bids, I chose Pagepro because I was very impressed with the level of detail and thought they put into their proposal. It was clear that they had a solid understanding of what I needed and how to get there.

We always prepare the offer as adequate to the customer’s needs as possible. We’re starting by preparing the General Project Plan, where we explain the overall approach, describe main project milestones and suggest the tech stack.

At this point we define the materials we would need from the customer, estimate the costs and time of the project and even schedule the payments.

Such a solid approach gives us a deep understanding of the project, but also saves lots of time that we would spend on the ongoing communication.

Pagepro offer

Why did Just In Case Estates choose Pagepro

  • Outstanding proposal
  • Sense of trust
  • Experienced team
  • Engagement
Even though we are separated by thousands of miles and the ocean, this is the group I can really rely on.


We decided to start with the discovery phase, where we were analysing the whole project, and working on the detailed execution plan.

Since the customer didn’t have a strict plan for the business, we wanted to run the discovery phase to:

  • Clarify

    the business goals
  • Investigate

    the app functionality
  • Define

    the scope of work
  • Suggest

    the best tech stack
  • Prepare

    the project plan

Discovery phase helped us understand the scope of the project. We knew that the customer wanted to reach the market as soon as possible to show up the real product rather than just talking about it. Considering the budget and limited time we decided to start the project with the MVP and develop the project further once the customer gathers all the feedback.

Pagepro phases

Since we knew that the customer want to reach the potential partners and audience with the real product, we decided to deliver a tool executing the main features, enabling the payments and presenting that with a user-friendly website.

By choosing to reach the market with the MVP, our customer could answer the questions that every startup has to confront:

  • Will the customer choose your product above the others?
  • Will the product interest potential partners?
  • Will you be ready to build and maintain the full product with the given time and resources?
  • Does the product fully supports the company’s goals?

What do we get after the discovery phase

  • Initial Project Backlog

  • Recommended tech stack

  • Initial software architecture

  • Precise time and budget estimation

Create a detailed project plan

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We decided to go with a combination of a code and no-code solution in the MVP, which let us cut developers working hours by 500 hours and cut the development cost in half.

What’s more, the tool enables the customer to put the changes and amendments on the questionnaire whenever he wants. That was very important, as the questionnaire is the crucial feature of the project and the customer didn’t have to wait for the developers to improve the experience.

Services provided

  • Tech Stack Recommendation
  • React development
  • CMS implementation
  • Web app MVP development
  • After Release Support

Scope of work:

  • Creating MVP app
  • Create a website
  • Rigorous testing
  • Launching the website and MVP

Key features (deployed in MVP):

  • Quiz Experience (including subsequently editing answers to a quiz)
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Blog
  • Payment Gateway Integration (Stripe)

Suggested Tech Stack

AreaTechnologyDescriptionWhy this tech?
NextJS logo

Next.JS is the most powerful React framework for building performant, SEO-friendly, and easy to customize user interfaces.

Next.js is the easiest way to get server-side rendering required for this kind of project as you want the website to be indexed by Google and have high positions.

Storybook logo

Storybook is a static components library that allows separate user interface work with programming work containing app logic, data and integrations.

Using components library helps to shorten time to market as instead of creating each element from scratch, we simply mix and match the existing components.

Content Management
Sanity logo

Sanity Headless CMS provides an easy to use interface for managing articles & pages.

Sanity CMS allows you to work on the content collaboratively & customise things you want. A big advantage of this CMS is that it provides a preview of all changes.

NodeJS logo

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, back-end JavaScript runtime environment.

Node.js is based on JavaScript, thanks to that it’ll be easier to keep & manage the code base of the developed app -> you will need the help of a JavaScript developer only instead of having 2 separate developers.

Hosting & Deployment
AWS logo

AWS offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services.

As we’re going to use Amazon Cognito for Authorization and AWS Lambda for contact form support, it’ll be more efficient to stay with AWS for hosting & deployment.

Typeform logo

Typeform is a web-based builder for online forms and surveys, that makes collecting information comfortable

We chose Typeform to let the customer make changes in the questionnaire easy and anytime he needs. Typeform provides easy integration with the most popular marketing tools, what was really important for the customer.

Stripe logo

Stripe is a unified platform that provides easy payments integration into online products.

Stripe is the best way to integrate payments into online products. They offer tools for every tech stack and provide the highest level of security.


The MVP was built to engage potential partners and early adopters. It let the customer:

  • Reevaluate the project and decide if all the first planned features are needed in the final product
  • Structure the whole experience; especially the questionnaire, which is the main feature
  • Make changes and amendments in the questionnaires quickly, without developer’s engagement, thanks to no-code tool
  • Get more focused on the options that really work
Pagepro feature 2 Pagepro feature 4 Pagepro feature 3 Pagepro feature 1
Just in case estates video

Quote from the client:

Apart from their technical skill and proficiency, which I really appreciate, Pagepro is very honest. Having a partner that we can trust and get to know has been critically important for us, especially since we’re working with a remote team. I trust them, and I’m very confident about their work, so I would highly recommend them.

Luke Skarzynski
Luke Skarzynski, Co-founder

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