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Pagepro is named Forbes Diamond 2024

⁤We’re named Forbes Diamond 2024! ⁤

⁤We’re over the moon to announce that we’ve been recognized as Forbes Diamonds 2024. ⁤⁤The Forbes Diamonds Award is an annual recognition of companies that have significantly increased their value over the past three years, showcasing strength, the ability to enhance brand and business value, and quality in today’s complex world. ⁤

⁤The Forbes Diamonds distinction is particularly noteworthy as it confirms our company’s position among the elite businesses in Poland, highlighting our brand’s strength and the quality of our business operations. ⁤⁤

⁤Why Were We Recognized? ⁤

The results of the “Forbes Diamonds 2024” ranking were worked out by the Forbe’s editorial team on the basis of the Swiss method of company evaluation. Financial results 2018-2022, value of assets, payment history, payment reliability or lack of negative legal events were one of the criteria.

⁤Being named a “Forbes Diamond 2024” is a confirmation that we are among the best companies in Poland, excelling in our efforts to build value and strengthen our brand in a challenging global landscape. ⁤