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Main Insights from the State of CMS 2024 by Storyblok

Storyblok released the next report “State of CMS 2024”. You can get the full version here, but we sum up the main findings for you:

  1. 47% of surveyed companies use multiple CMSs to achieve omnichannel capabilities.
  2. A shift towards headless CMSs has been noticed due to their flexibility, scalability, and improved ROI. However, WordPress remains the most popular CMS, even though it has noticed a slight decline in usage.
  3. The top preferences among CMS users are collaboration features, centralized content management for omnichannel capabilities, and future-proof technology.
  4. 68% of users have migrated to a new CMS in the last 3 years. The main reasons for this decision are security issues and a lack of necessary features in their current systems.
  5. The main pain points the users struggle with when using their CMS are: adding new technology, security issues and time-consuming processes.