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Gatsby is a free and open-source framework based on React that helps developers build blazing-fast websites and apps.

It’s the most loved static site generator by developers because of the latest tech stack and great documentation.

It has been made for both the web business advantages, as well as the ultimate development experience that combines the best features of React and GraphQL.

Say Hello To Static Progressive Web Apps


GatsbyJS is a static PWA generator. Once loaded, Gatsby prefetches resources for other pages so clicking around the site feels incredibly fast.


You will just publish static files, which means there is no direct connection to the database, dependencies, user data or other sensitive information.

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Why Gatsby?

  • Built for high performance

    Gatsby follows the latest web standards and technologies like ReactJS, Webpack, GraphQL, modern ES6+ JavaScript and CSS.

  • The fastest websites ever

    Gatsby is going beyond generating pages on request. You can make pre-build pages and upload them to the cloud to be ready for users.

  • Futuristic

    Every website is an app, and every app is a website. Gatsby is becoming a very popular JavaScript framework, that more and more developers fall in love with.

  • Development friendly

    Gatsby gives you an ultimate web building experience, which makes it way more pleasant than ever before.

  • Combines best from the best

    Gatsby is a mix of best features of React and GraphQL to deliver a smooth development experience with incredible results.

  • Multiple data sources

    You can use any number of different data files locally. You can also pull data from remote sources such as WordPress, Medium, etc. Anything accessible with API.

  • Security

    Gatsby is a static site generator, it means you will just publish static files, there is no direct connection to the database, dependencies, user data or other sensitive information.

  • Free Hosting

    The price for the hosting of Gatsby websites starts from $0!

Tech Stack & Tools

A list of tech we use building Gatsby websites

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Deploy & Cdn

Pagepro as a Gatsby contributor

Pagepro have been officially showcased by GatsbyJS in categories like technology use and finest web development for events and conferences.

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Who is using Gatsby?

Gatsby is getting traction, it’s one of the easiest ways to build a performant website (2-3 times faster than similar types of sites) that’s why, every day, more and more companies choose this solution.

We use the same technology stack as the largest companies in the industry!

  • Braun

  • Nike

  • Snapchat

  • Airbnb

  • Mozilla

  • Figma

Why us?

  • Highly specialized in React

  • More than 10 years of front-end experience

  • Huge attention to details

  • 90% of our clients came back to work again!

Pagepro in numbers

  • Projects done in 2019
  • Years in business
  • Team members
  • Workshops and Lectures in 2019
  • 5 / 5
  • Client Retention ratio
    92 %

Hire dedicated Gatsby developers and designers

Do you have a project to implement, or want some expertise? We create projects where Gatsby plays a key role, but we also can help you in the configuration of your style guide. Feel free to contact us! We will be glad to answer all your questions!

Learn more about Gatsby development with us!

Gatsby is a convenient tool for us that we use to work on large projects and we love to share the knowledge about it. You can meet us at IT conferences and workshops. Our experts also spread their experience in internal meetups or by writing interesting articles on the blog.

  • Open Workshop: Introducing basics of React

    16.05.2018, Białystok, Poland.

  • A lecture at Bialystok University of Technology

    28.05.2018, Białystok, Poland.

  • Advanced React & Redux Patterns - a lecture on MeetJS Summer Special

    25.08.2018, Białystok, Poland.

Other recommended services

At Pagepro, we do not only help our clients in the Gatsby configuration. Our main purpose is to create web applications that are also great for presentations in Gatsby. Our experts can provide consultation for you on the technology and frameworks to select for your product.

  • Front-end Development

    We offer the best front-end development support by choosing the right technology for your requirements. Extensive experience in the front-end area allows us to simplify integration with the backend and deliver the finished product faster.

  • ReactJS Development

    React.js is one of the most popular libraries for creating modern, single-page applications. React allows creating rich user interfaces in a declarative way, which is easier to understand for developers and provides a faster way to produce a final effect for end users.

Still in doubts?

Have a project in mind?

Or maybe you are not sure if Gatsby is the right tool for you?

Please feel free to share your doubts with us.