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Looking for great examples of Jamstack websites?

We gathered 50 Jamstack websites from different industries in one place so you can see that Jamstack can be used regardless of the type of company or industry. And to encourage you to check it out, I can mention that the LEGO website is a Jamstack example. And who doesn’t like LEGO?

If you want a reminder about Jamstack, you can go two ways. You can either read our comprehensive guide about what is Jamstack or watch an interview with Colby Fayock – one of the top Jamstack experts.

What is jamstack - interview with

Jamstack best use cases

As a Jamstack advocate, I would love to tell you that the Jamstack website would be great in any case. However, that’s not true – it depends on the specific case.

You will find some of the Jamstack best use cases below.

However, Jamstack might be not a good choice if:

  • You don’t have enough technical knowledge (or budget to pay for it) – Jamstack requires coding to make full use of it. Yo connect a website to CMS – so updating websites becomes easier – you need to know how to work with APIs. If you don’t have the required technical skills, you should at least have a budget to hire someone ho is skilled.
  • You are just starting – if you compare Jamstack with solutions such as WordPress, it’s not as beginner-friendly. Therefore, for small businesses, it might be better to start with WordPress as it’s a full-stack solution and doesn’t require as much technical expertise.
  • You want to use plug-ins – coding along with specific technical skills are a must if you want to add new features. Doing so without them – except fro Gatsby – it’s not possible as most of the technologies doen’t allow to use ready-made plugins.

You can always read our article, or watch the video on when to use, and when not to use Jamstack:

youtube video about when to use and when not to use jamstack

Apart from use cases, you might be curious about industries that decided to give Jamstack a try.

Well, we were curious, too, and that’s what the next section is about.

Jamstack websites from 15 different industries

If you are looking for some examples from your industry, we gathered Jamstack websites from industries such as:

AgencyBusiness and corporateCreative

Most often, companies decide to use Gatsby or Next.js to build Jamstack websites, however, sometimes they go with Hugo or other frameworks.

But if you would like to choose between Gatsby and Next.js, we’ve also made a short video to explain the most important differences:

gatsby vs nextjs

Agency websites

Bulletproof – built with Next.js

Bulletproof is a creative powerhouse with offices in London, New York, Amsterdam, Sydney and Singapore.

Bulletproof website screenshot

DG Recruit – built with Gatsby

DG Recruit is an agency that helps people with their recruitment careers. They also offer recruitment services, training and advisory.

DG Recruit website screenshot

Red Central – built with Gatsby

Red Central is an international creative agency specializing in the entertainment industry.

Red Cental website screenshot

Business and corporate websites

Audible – built with Next.js

Audible is an Amazon company that offers access to thousands of audiobooks for a flat monthly fee.

Audible website screenshot

AutoloadIT – created with Gatsby

AutoloadIT is an enterprise automotive imaging solution created to help with increasing car sales by supporting high-resolution images.

This company is also one of our previous clients, and we’re extremely happy we were engaged in this project.

AutoloadIT website screenshot

Inventia – created with Gatsby

Inventia Life Science is an Australia-based company that focuses on revolutionising 3D bioprinting and transforming the medical research sector.

Inventia Life Science website screenshot

Pace Revenue – built with Hugo

Pace Revenue is the revenue platform dedicated to the hospitality industry. Its main goal is to help answer three main questions: how, when and at what price.

Pace Revenue website screenshot

Sprucehill – built with Gatsby

Sprucehill is a Canadian company that specialises in custom home building and renovations.

Sprucehill website screenshot

Build your own jamstack website

Creative websites

Design Better – built with Next.js

Design Better is a website built by InVision and dedicated to all creatives that want to improve their design skills.

Design Better website screenshot

The H Hub – built with Next.js

The H Hub will help you hire freelance photographers (or videographers) for your next shoot.

The H Hub website screenshot

Utah Pumpkins – built with Gatsby

Utah Pumpkins is a place for anyone looking for pumpkin carving ideas and inspiration. There is an image gallery that may be a little… scary.

Utah Pumpkins website screenshot

eCommerce websites

Bang & Olufsen – built with Next.js

Bang & Olufsen offers high-end headphones, speakers and televisions.

Bang&Olufsen website screenshot

Butcher Box – built with Gatsby

Butcher Box is an online store that offers meat delivery subscriptions.

Butcher Box website screenshot

HoodieHut – built with Gatsby

HoodieHut offers personalised hoodies for schools, colleges and universities.

HoodieHut website screenshot

InStitchu – built with Next.js

InStitchu is an online store with custom, tailored menswear offering suits, shirts and chinos.

InStitchu website screenshot

TicketSwap – built with Next.js

TicketSwap is a place to buy and sell e-tickets safely.

TicketSwap website screenshot

Urban Armor Gear – built with Gatsby

Urban Armor Gear is an online store where you can buy rugged phone cases and various mobile accessories.

Urban Armor Gear website screenshot

Education websites

Art of Memory – built with Next.js

Art of Memory is a place to learn memory techniques like memory palaces or advanced mnemonics.

Art of Memory website screenshot

Godot Tutorials – built with Hugo

Godot Tutorials offers video courses on game programming

Godot Tutorials website screenshot

University of Bristol – built with Gatsby

University of Bristol is a respected English university, frequently named as one of the best in the United Kingdom.

University of Bristol website screenshot

Entertainment websites

Hulu – built with Next.js

Hulu offers thousands of movies and TV series on-demand for a flat monthly subscription.

hulu website screenshot

LEGO for kids – built with Next.js

Who doesn’t know LEGO?!

LEGO for kids website screenshot

Playlist Detective – built with Gatsby

Playlist Detective is a way to discover new kinds of music through Spotify playlists.

Playlist detective website screenshot

Finance websites – built with Gatsby is a place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. website screenshot

Hartwell Insurance – built with Hugo

Hartwell Insurance offers innovative insurance options and solutions.

Hartwell Insurance website screenshot

Verge – built with Next.js

Verge is a user-friendly digital currency that can be used for everyday transactions.

Verge website screenshot

Government websites

Papergov – built with Gatsby

Papergov is a place to find and act on different types of government services like property taxes or utility bills.

Papergov website screenshot

Resistbot – built with Next.js

Resistbot is a tool built mainly to simplify and automate the process of contacting U.S. elected officials.

Resistbot website screenshot

U.S. Web Design System – built with Jekyll

It’s an official website of the United States government that presents a design system for government websites.

U.S. Web Design System website screenshot

Health websites

Canadian Cancer Society – built with Gatsby

This website is about educating people about cancer, its causes and how to reduce the risk.

Canadian Cancer Society website screenshot

Headspace – built with Gatsby

Headspace is an app and place to learn meditation and reduce stress levels.

Headspace website screenshot

PHARMASEAL – built with Hugo

PHARMASEAL aims to use intelligent engineering for better clinical trial management.

PHARMASEAL website screenshot

Marketing websites

JIMDO – built with Gatsby

JIMDO offers a simple website builder dedicated to self-employed that helps them build professional-looking websites and stores.

JIMDO website screenshot

Paths – built with Gatsby

Paths (currently in beta) is a company that offers help in getting your next job simpler.

Paths website screenshot

Starbucks Reserve – built with Next.js

Starbucks Reserve offers – apart from what standard Starbucks do – premium collections of coffees coming from exotic regions of the world. Customers of Starbucks Reserve can also find out more about coffee and the coffee brewing process.

Starbucks Reserve website screenshot

Media websites

National Geographic – built with Gatsby

National Geographic started as a monthly magazine about science and nature exploration but became something much bigger – a large offline and online media company with its own TV channel.

National Geographic website screenshot

Pan Macmillan – built with Gatsby

Pan Macmillan is one of the largest book publishing companies in the United Kingdom.

Pan Macmillan website screenshot

Wealth Magazine – built with Gatsby

Wealth Magazine delivers advice for personal wealth management and about pursuing financial goals.

Wealth Magazine website screenshot

Nonprofit websites

LOVE, NILS – built with React js

LOVE, NILS is an organisation that provides emotional, social and community support to cancer patients and their caregivers in Singapore.

LOVE, NILS website screenshot

Re:wild – built with Next.js

Re:wild is a nonprofit organisation with a goal to protect and restore the diversity of life on earth through various initiatives.

Re:wild website screenshot

Starlight – built with Gatsby

Starlight is a children’s foundation and its main mission is to deliver happiness to seriously ill kids.

Starlight website screenshot

Personal websites

Elton John – built with Next.js

Elton John is one of the most popular music artists of all time with more than 300 million records sold.

Elton John website screenshot

J. Patrick Raftery – built with Gatsby

J. Patrick Raftery is an opera singer and voice teacher based in Vancouver, Canada.

J. Patrick Raferty website screenshot

LeVar Burton – built with Jekyll

LeVar Burton is an American actor, director and children’s television host.

LeVar Burton website screenshot

SaaS websites

InVision – built with Next.js

InVision is a design platform that makes the process of designing user experiences easier and faster.

InVision website screenshot

SendGrid – built with Gatsby

SendGrid is an email marketing tool that supports sending emails at scale.

SendGrid website screenshot

Typeform – built with Next.js

Typeform is a tool for creating enjoyable forms and surveys that can be embedded into websites.

Typeform website screenshot

Travel websites

Culture Trip – built with Next.js

Culture Trip is like a travel companion that offers travel guides and the possibility to book stays and experiences.

Culture Trip website screenshot

Rye & Beyond – built with Gridsome

Rye and Beyond is a place to find and book holiday cottages, houses and apartments in East Sussex and Kent (United Kingdom).

Rye and Beyond website screenshot Travel Guide  – built with Next.js collects worldwide travel guides and recommends travel destinations and tourist attractions all around the world. Travel Guide website screenshot

Build your own jamstack website

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