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Benefits of Next JS for Building Websites and Apps

There are a lot of modern technologies you can use to your advantage while building business in the digital world.

Because of that, we want to help you make an informed decision without being overwhelmed and distracted.

Today, let’s take a closer look at Next JS and its benefits.

How To Write A Better React Code – 9 Tricks

If you want to write a better React code, you should always remember what Ernest Hemingway said: “The first draft of anything is shit” And even if this guy had nothing to do with React development, or even Commodore, he knew exactly that the first creative act, is almost always, not “well-thought-out” and hard to […]

What Is Framer Motion – Bring Your Website To Life!

Why bother with Framer Motion? If you think “why should I bother making my website more alive with (for example) Framer Motion”, think of a fact that you are exposed to around 5000 online messages begging you to read them each day. But can you remember at least ONE from yesterday? We literally ignore almost […]

React TL;DR Recap. Top React Content From 2019

All React + TypeScript Cheatsheets The Basic Cheatsheet (/ is focused on helping React devs just start using TS in React apps The Advanced Cheatsheet (/ helps show and explain advanced usage of generic types for people writing reusable type utilities/functions/render prop/higher ordercomponents and TS+React libraries. The Migrating Cheatsheet (/ helps collate advice for incrementally […]

How To Start With GatsbyJS — Part 3: Gatsby Image

This article is part 3 of “How to start with Gatsby JS” series. Step 6. Gatbsy Image One of the most important advantages of Gatsby is it works very fast. Many delays in loading pages are caused by too big and non-optimized images. Gatsby has several useful plugins that help completely optimize images and maintain […]

How to Start With GatsbyJS — Part 2: Typography

This article is part 2 of “How to start with GatsbyJS” series. Step 5. Typography – Dynamic Component and Styled System Regarding typography, first I think about creating a component for each style of text and import it as needed. However, not every text style has the same HTML tag. Preparing several of the same […]

How To Start With GatsbyJS — Part 1: First Steps

This article is part 1 of “How to start with GatsbyJS” series. Introduction Let me show you how to start with and use GatsbyJS with Styled Components and Storybook. Gatsby is a framework generator built with React and GraphQL. This is a static-site generator that helps you build blazingly fast websites and apps. To front-end […]

How To Use Memoization in JavaScript and React?

First things first, Memoization in React development is caching. But “caching” is a general term, and memoization is a specific form of caching.It is an optimization technique, which speeds up apps by caching the results of function calls and returning the stored result when the same arguments are supplied again. When you should apply Memoization? […]

Why React.js Is the Best to Build a PWA

If you wonder why React is best to build a PWA, think of QR codes and why they failed commercially. They simply sucked on the end user level.They ask for time and more importantly, effort.Which end user hate to give for free.It doesn’t make your life easier more than any other existing technology.Instead of desperately […]

Let and Var: Differences

Introduction With the introduction of a new standard of JavaScript code writing – ECMAScript 6 (ES6) – new structures responsible for variable declaration appeared. I am talking about the let and const instructions. Even before the introduction of ES6, we had to choose only the var instruction. Beginners often find it difficult to understand the […]