Open Kudos

A Slack Employee Recognition Bot For Digital Teams.


To quickly release a Slack bot for Employee Recognition thanks to modern tech stack.

Our goal was to build an open-source Slack bot, using fresh technologies...

About Open Kudos

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Open Kudos is an Open Source Slack bot that helps you build stronger digital teams.

It is based on Kudos points you can give to your workmates for work done, help, or just for simply being kind and smiling a lot.

Kudos can be later exchanged for prizes, which makes it better than just saying "thanks" at work, as well as a great Employee Recognition Tool.

It can make a huge impact on productivity, by building a clear rewarding and motivational system.

Open Kudos is a Silence Ice Breaker!

It brings people closer by heating up their relationships and makes the team bonds stronger by boosting individual engagement.

Open Kudos is a perfect tool for

  • Appreciation
  • Reward
  • Motivation
  • Building stronger teams
  • Company culture
  • Fun at work!

Why Employee Recognition Is Important?

Open Kudos became a great tool to practice Employee Recognition.

The term stands for keeping the employees boosted and motivated by reward, appreciation, and challenge.

Employee Recognition becomes a hot topic, especially in IT, where highly performant developers require a lot of attention, as they are motivated mostly by the opportunity for personal growth and self-development (which is far more complicated than just money and benefits).

Research showed that out of recognized employees:

  • feels more connected
    96 %
  • follow company values
    84 %
  • work longer for you
    90 %

Poor management, on the other hand, is one of the most important factors developers leave their jobs. This is why creating a great company culture becomes more and more crucial in the whole IT industry.

The good news is that the more people feel connected to the group and feel the part of something bigger than just fixing bugs and tasks, the more they are willing to participate in the execution of the company vision.

Not to mention doing daily work.

Thanks to Employee Recognition, your company can:

  • Build stronger teams
  • Engage individuals
  • Feel more motivated to grow
  • Shape the culture
  • Empower smarter leadership

The even better news is that now you can practice Employee Recognition easily yourself on Slack.

For free.


The delivery phase can be written down and presented in four steps:

Step 1 Discovery Phase

  • produce product backlog
  • add task priorities
  • prepare user stories
  • set up acceptance criteria for each user story

Step 2 Technical Investigation

  • check technical requirements
  • pick good tech stack:
    • Frontend: TypeScript, React, AntDesign
    • Backend: Node.js + Express, Mongoose for DB connection, Jest for testing
  • pick a good server infrastructure: Heroku
  • setup build process

Step 3 Sprints

  • 2-week sprints
  • plan team capacity
  • prepare user stories for a Sprint
  • identify the tasks necessary to complete each user story
  • add the estimated time needed to complete the tasks in a Sprint
  • prioritize user stories
  • set up a Sprint Goal

Step 4 Maintenance

  • adding features from the backlog
  • monitoring app backend performance

Should we get it done?

Let's talk about you now!

Tell us about your challenge, and let's get the ball rolling.

How Does It Work?

Give Kudos

How to boost confidence with a simple command?

Each month, every member receives a pack of Kudos to distribute around other members for exceptional work done, or just simple acts of kindness.

Open Kudos animation Open Kudos animation

Check Balance

You can control your kudos spending by checking the balance of what you still can give to others.

See also how much you have already received from them.

Open Kudos animation

Exchange Kudos for gifts

What’s the price of being nice?

The real stuff will motivate your people and make sure you have them in the game. With truly valuable prizes, you will always have someone doing the extra effort at work.

Absolutely worth it.

Open Kudos animation

Leader Board

Is there anything better than compete to be better?

Like a snowball effect, engagement and commitment grow with the appetite for more achievements.

Leader Board is here to unveil the ones who are always hungry to run the extra mile.

Open Kudos animation


Set up the rules yourself.

Build your own Kudos strategy based on the number of points and prices people can get for them.

A dashboard is also a place where you access all the transfers and manage gift distribution.

Technology stack

  • Ant.Design
  • Heroku
  • Jest
  • Mongoose

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