React JS Team Augmentation For The Fastest-Growing Startup in EU.


To release a rebranded version of one of the fastest-growing startups in Europe by extending the front-end development capacity.


How to increase front-end development capacity in 7 days.

About the client

Packhelp logo

Packhelp quickly grew to become a major player in the custom packaging market.

They merge printing and packaging with the modern world of graphic design.

The result? Packaging you can easily fall in love with.

The Video


How to hire a team of highly skilled developers in 7 days?
Easy peasy! Have a look at how Packhelp made it:

Day 1 The Need


Arkadiusz (CTO) is posting on Facebook (SoDa group) need for 2-3 highly skilled FE devs with an exceptional experience.

He had about 2 weeks to find dev support (deadline: 18.02).

The first preferred software house was about to be local (Warsaw). Next to Pagepro, about 4 other software houses contacted Arkadiusz.

Day 2 The Answer


Chris is sending an initial email and scheduling a call with Arkadiusz.

Day 3 The Chemistry Cal


“Chemistry call” between Pagepro & Packhelp.

Day 4 Skills presentation


Chris is sending summary after initial call and profiles of candidates with examples of projects done by them.

Arkadiusz likes the profiles and is asking his head of the project to participate in a technical meeting with developers.

Day 5 The Technical Call and The Agreement


Call between the developers - Packhelp and Pagepro

Pagepro developers are checking if they are okay to fit with the project so they can be fully engaged and provide the best value for Packelp.

Chris is telling Packehlp that developers have a plan for working on the project and they are happy to start.

Arkadiusz agrees to start work. He prepares NDA and wants to start immediately the next week.

Day 6 Summing Up


Chris is summing up detailed rules of work to manage expectations of both sides and have a healthy long-term relationship.

Day 7 Work Work Work


The start and the first day of Asia & Kuba in the project.

Should we get it done?

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The Success Story

The success story of Packhelp was just around the corner and the time became one of the most important factors in the process. They couldn’t just hire any new developers at that speed of growing.

Pagepro, on the other hand, is famous for having well-developed recruitment, interview, and qualification processes, so they could provide talented people in a short time.

After a quick technical introduction, our developers Kuba and Joanna, jumped in and extended Packhelp front-end team capacity.

Both were working on components made for the new Packhelp branding, and found a fit for themselves in a big team of highly specialized experts from Packhelp.

As an outcome, Pagepro helped Packhelp arrive on the market with their product on time and continue working together as an extension of their development team.

Tools used:

  • ReactJS
  • Prettier
  • Babel
  • Webpack
  • SASS
  • CSS Modules
  • Typescript
  • React Styleguidist
  • Slack
  • Google Hangouts
  • Asana
  • Invision
  • Zeroheight
  • Jira
  • lodash, formik, yup, flux(alt.js)

Project in numbers

  • First contact to Chemistry Call (hours)
  • First contact to tech call (hours)
  • First contact to work start (working days)
  • Days to find a partner (working days)
  • Assigned Developers
  • Hours Worked Since 10.19

Time to start

From first contact to work start: 6 working days.


Working with Pagepro is unique because of their developers who quickly become part of the core team. Despite working remotely, it feels as if they were somewhere in the office. Unlike other dev houses, the devs assigned to your team have only one goal - to contribute to your team, something you can immediately tell. No nasty surprises or side projects. Uniquely serious approach.

Patryk Kabaj
Patryk Kabaj. Chief Product Officer & Co-founder
Packhelp Home Page Screenshot

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