Pride In London

Gatsby Team Augmentation For One Of The Biggest LGBT+ Events in The World.


Support the team of volunteers at Pride in London with React development to help them deliver a new website and key pages before 2019’s event.

About the client

Pride in London is the second largest event in London each year. It celebrates the city’s LGBT+ community and raises awareness of issues the community faces year round. The non-profit organisation is volunteer led, with around 130 giving up their lunchtimes, evenings and weekends to put on this huge and important event.


In the months leading up to Pride, Robert, Przemysław and Rafał supported at different stages in supporting the Pride in London tech team to deliver quality code at speed to release a new website based on React, Gatsby, and GraphQL.

Robert supported mainly in the Blog/News section of the site to deliver custom rich text articles modeled in Contentful CMS to run smoothly on Gatsby and be ready to use by redactors.

Przemysław was supported the front end build of News, Announcements and other sections, to make it responsive and connected with Contentful CMS.

Responsive version

desktop version of the page
tablet version of the page
smartphone version of the page

Rafał helped support the team to deliver an interactive Parade Map using Google Maps, Parade Group details with scroll tracking and created a reusable gallery component from scratch. In the lead up to Pride he created promotional components for the app, implemented Typeform on the website and added Native app promos for mobile devices

Pride in London webpage map

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The Pride in London team launched their new website in May 2019 and delivered all of their key website objectives before the event in July, ensuring that parade attendees could get the information they need in time.

Learn more about Pride in London:

What Pride in London Liked about Pagepro?

  • Great ReactJS Experience

    Quality code and easy to work with.

  • On-time delivery

    Each and every delivery. Always as planned.

  • Great Team Extension

    A short introduction was enough to work as a regular part of the team.


Pagepro were invaluable in the lead up to Pride in London. As we are all volunteers, we are often stretched for time and Pagepro stepped in to support us and make sure that we could deliver what we set out to in good time. They are easy to work with, produce quality code and really felt like an extension of our volunteer team. We couldn’t have asked for more.

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