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What is React?

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React.js is the trendiest library used to create user interface in modern single-page applications. It was designed by Facebook to satisfy their needs of adjustability, extensibility and convenience. Now React is driving force behind products of the most successful companies like Airbnb, Instagram and Netflix.

This technology is all about building interface with small, reusable components that are easy to maintain. In contrast to traditional JavaScript applications, React allows us to write code in declarative style. It takes care of the inner workings of updating the browser and lets us focus on developing application’s features.

Core benefits of using React

  • Modularity

    Building interface with React components allows to really embrace agile approach to ever-changing business requirements. One component can be seamlessly modified without breaking the others. Thanks to this, we are able to deliver products that suits needs of our customers without unexpected delays and errors.

  • Performance

    One of the React’s strongest suit is its blazing performance. Thanks to sophisticated algorithms, React performs costly updates of the browser content only when necessary. Composable architecture makes even the most complex remain really smooth and highly interactive.

  • Ecosystem

    React’s ecosystem is one of the most rapidly growing open-source environment in web development history. Number of projects built around this technology increase exponentially each month. Developers has access to a lot of innovative, polished solutions used across the world. Such a tendency is the best guarantee of long-term support and further development of this awesome library.

  • Effective testing

    Testing of applications is straightforward thanks to one-way data flow and single responsibility rule embodied in React’s components. Predictable data flow and functional programming concepts widely used in React development make error detection possible at an early stage of development. All of this results in effective team work and project maintainability.

  • Versatility

    React’s only concern is view layer, so it is great for building interfaces regardless of application’s size and complexity. Moreover, such an approach give us a free hand to choose all of the other tools required to meet development goals. Our stack will be precisely selected with yours project needs in mind.

  • Development Speed

    React been built for business. Its features have been made to make the work and life easier, save time and money, and let us use the blessings of the newest technology.

Our React Tech Stack

  • Redux

    A predictable state container for JavaScript apps. Inspired by Flux architecture, provides a uni-directional way of updating Views and handling user actions. Redux promotes simple yet effective rules of state management which enforces encapsulation and immutability. Thanks to this, maintaining React apps gets even easier.

  • React Native

    A framework that allows to create real and exciting mobile apps that are powered with React’s magic. Thanks to cross-platform building, with one codebase we can build apps supported on both Android and iOS. This saves a lot of our time and your money.

  • Styled components

    A library that brings together CSS and power of JavaScript. It lets us apply modern styling solutions straight into React’s components and solves many of the maintainability problems associated with traditional CSS at the same time.

  • Storybook

    A tool that simplifies creating and maintaining a UI documentation site which includes actual, up-to-date components. Storybook provides access to interactive list of components that were created in the past. It makes adoption of UI patterns at Pagepro so much easier. No one reinvents the wheel, which saves time and increases consistency.

  • Jest + Enzyme + Sinon

    To ensure that our projects are error free, we use highly effective testing tools stack. Facebook’s Jest provides a test running environment, recognizable for its high performance. Airbnb’s Enzyme makes it easier to assert, manipulate and traverse React components. Sinon is our choice for creating spies, stubs and mocks that lead to even faster and more reliable tests.

  • Webpack

    Before shipping React code, it has to be transpilled into form understandable by the browsers, including legacy ones. Moreover, modern front end applications come with many non-code static assets such as CSS, images and fonts. With stable production deploys in mind, we use Webpack, a module bundler tool that automatizes the complex building process.

Learn more with us!

We love sharing our knowledge with others and we do it in different ways. Our developers are experts in React Native development and often participate in conferences and workshops. They also teach each other in internal training, do speak at meetups and write interesting articles on the blog.

  • Open Workshop: Introducing basics of React

    16.05.2018, Białystok, Poland.

  • A lecture at Bialystok University of Technology

    28.05.2018, Białystok, Poland.

  • Advanced React & Redux Patterns - a lecture on MeetJS Summer Special

    25.08.2018, Białystok, Poland.

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