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What is React Native?

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React Native is a modern and open sourced framework for creating native mobile apps on iOS and Android.

By using React Native, web developers are able to create a native experience between different platforms with familiar technologies like JavaScript and JSX. It was developed by Facebook and it uses the same design as React.js, which is widely adopted in plenty of companies.

The main difference between React Native and React.js is they focus on different targets. Developers who create rich mobile applications in React.js can use the same concept and most of their tools with React Native. By providing a bridge between JavaScript and native core, React Native gives a performance boost and allows mobile apps to be created easier than in traditional way.

The declarative approach allows the focus to be on the business purpose instead of thinking about how the idea should be developed.

Why we love React Native at Pagepro?

In opposite to other libraries like PhoneGap or Ionic, React Native doesn't rely on device's WebView but instead, it provides real native views for each platform. Because we create a truly native app, we are free of problems associated with hybrid solutions. React Native gives clients a faster time to market with all the advantages of applications written in a traditional way.

  • Up to 50% quicker development

    Because of unique React Native features like hot reload without time consuming recompilation, development teams could speed up mobile development up to 50%.

  • Cross Platform: Android + iOS

    React Native allows you to create an application for Android and iOS and provides the ability to re-use most of the code between these platforms.

  • Open Source

    React Native is open source library with a great community and it is free to use. Developers can use it, therefore, avoiding problems with a license.

  • Modular Architecture

    A declarative way of creating apps in React Native allows you to build projects with a more flexible, web-style approach to development.

  • Good Performance

    React Native uses real, native controls for building user interfaces in both platforms, which avoids performance problems.

  • Live Reload

    React Native comes with useful tools and features such as live reloading which allows you to significantly speed up the work on the project.

We are not alone in our choice

React Native has become a major alternative to creating mobile apps for many clients. The possibility of reusing most of the code between different platforms provides a faster way to produce a final effect for end users. Every year, more and more companies choose this solution and even the largest players base their products on React Native.

We use the same technology stack as the largest companies in the industry!

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Tesla

  • Pinterest

  • Skype

  • Uber

  • Salesforce

Cross-Platform capability

The central goal of React Native is “Learn Once, Write Anywhere”. It doesn't mean that we use the same codebase in every platform but most of them. Some specific mechanisms don't exist everywhere like SnapshotView control which is specially designed only for iOS devices. But switching between particular parts is easy in React Native and it is made in a declarative way.


Forget about problems with many webviews. Forget about poor performance and animation freezing. React Native for Android provides a consistent experience for thousands of devices and allows you to enjoy your application starting from small screens and ending up on big TV's.


React Native for iOS gives access to the most important Apple services and provides a set of ready-made controls that are compatible with the official guidelines. Creating native applications for iOS using React Native is faster and reduces costs.

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Learn more with us!

We love sharing our knowledge with others and we do it in different ways. Our developers are experts in React Native development and often participate in conferences and workshops. They also teach each other in internal training, do speak at meetups and write interesting articles on the blog.

  • Open Workshop: Introducing basics of React

    16.05.2018, Białystok, Poland.

  • A lecture at Bialystok University of Technology

    28.05.2018, Białystok, Poland.

  • Advanced React & Redux Patterns - a lecture on MeetJS Summer Special

    25.08.2018, Białystok, Poland.

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